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18 Things That Can Help You Look 10 Pounds Lighter

If you want to be 10 pounds lighter, there are many things you can do to achieve that goal. Instead of dieting to lose weight, you could make a few small changes to make it appear smaller.

Wearing unflattering or ill-fitting clothes can make you look bigger. On the other hand, combing your clothes properly and wearing the right clothes can make you look lighter.

Anytime look good and feel goodAppearing clearer can make a difference. If you follow the tips outlined below, you can instantly look 10 pounds less.

How to look 10 pounds lighter

Try these helpful tricks to get a slimmer look.

1. Wear a V-neck

Wearing a shirt with a V-neckline can divert attention from your abdomen. Makes your upper body look slimmer and longer. This high focal point created by the V-neck T-shirt will make your body appear better proportioned.

You can find V-neck tees of all kinds, from tank tops, tops, sweaters, cardigans, dresses, jackets, and camisoles. This type of blouse is great for everyone and will also bring balance to your hips and thighs.

2. make sure your underwear fits you

Yes, even the part of your outfit that no one will see is important if you are trying to look slimmer. Wearing a bra that is the wrong size can make your chest appear misshapen, instantly making you look bigger. Additionally, wearing a bra that is the wrong size can also bring out your back fat.

If your underwear is too tight, it will create bulges that will show through your pants and skirts. It will also highlight muffins, the top of a muffin, and cellulitis even through your clothes. Also, undergarments that are too tight can cause visible and unsightly panty lines, making the butt and hips more voluminous.

Another option in addition to traditional underwear is to choose shapewear. Shapewear will give you more support and will hide imperfections like bumps and cellulite. Plus, it will also make you look 10 pounds lighter.

You also don’t have to choose full body shapewear. For something simpler, you can choose a shapewear camisole, corset, or shapewear.

3. Choose a button-down shirt

This tip to look 10 pounds less is very easy. Anyone can do it. If you want to look slimmer, choose a shirt that has buttons.

Then, put a shirt underneath and leave it unbuttoned. Leaving it unbuttoned will make your body appear longer, which will instantly make you look slimmer.

4. Wear the right skinny jeans and style them appropriately

Skinny jeans are a great fashion item if you wear the right pair and style them well. Wearing skinny jeans that fit snugly against your calves will make them appear larger, so choose a loose-fitting pair. So it would be better if it showed the ankles.

By showing your ankles, you are showing one of the thinnest parts of your body. This simple trick will make you look like you’re 10 pounds lighter.

For best results, you should also wear shoes that match your skinny jeans. Wearing contrasting shoes will visually break your legs, making them appear shorter and wider.

5. Choose jewelry that draws attention to certain areas of your body

You can wear jewelry to instantly look 10 pounds lighter. By choosing a long necklace, you will make your neck appear longer and slimmer. Also, a long necklace will divert attention from your hips and abdomen.

Earrings can also play a role. If you wear large earrings, the focus will be on your face rather than your body.

When it comes to other jewelry, bracelet cuffs and bracelets will draw attention to your wrist rather than your arms. Likewise, statement rings will do the same, drawing attention away from your upper arms.

6. Avoid baggy shirts and sweaters

While you may think that baggy tops will hide your body and make you look slimmer, does the opposite. Wearing baggy shirts or sweaters can hide your waist, making your lower body appear shorter. If you only have baggy tops, add a thick belt to help elongate your body.

7. Don’t wear too many baggy or oversized things at once

As mentioned above, baggy tops can make your body appear shorter and wider. Likewise, other baggy or oversized items will do the same. Not only will they do the same, but adding too many baggy things at once can make it appear larger than it is.

Even accessories can make you look bigger. If you wear baggy pants or an oversized blouse, you should avoid an oversized purse. Choosing a small tote bag or tote bag can match the look, while wearing them all at once won’t.

8. Wear a long coat

If you are wearing a coat with your outfit, make sure the coat is longer. This is especially true if the color of the dress and the color of the coat contrast. If you do, your body will seems thicker because it has been visually cut.

You might consider a long coat even if you’re going casual too. A long coat will keep you warm but will also lengthen your body, making you appear lighter.

9. Don’t drop your shirt too low

When you put on a shirt, you may be tempted to pull it down as low as possible. However, you would be better off avoiding this temptation as it can make you appear bigger. It makes your body look out of proportion as you remove half of your body.

If your shirt is too long and you can’t keep it from being long, tuck it in instead. This will help your body appear more proportionate. Adding an unbuttoned jacket or sweater over the tucked shirt will also help lengthen the body.

10. Avoid wearing dresses that are too tight

While downsizing may seem like a good option, it is not. It doesn’t do you any favors and will highlight your abdomen in unflattering ways.

Instead, wear dresses that are looser at the bottom but still flatter your waist. This will make you appear lighter than if you had chosen a fitted dress.

11. Show your slimmest body parts

Covering every inch of your body will not make you appear lighter. Instead, it will have the opposite effect and make you appear heavier.

To avoid this, be sure to show thinner areas like the wrists, neck, or ankles. By showing these parts of your body, you will look much lighter.

12. Wear thin heels with a pointed toe

Wearing thin heels like stilettos will help you look lighter. Even better, be sure to wear a pointed toe shoe. This will make your calves appear slimmer and your legs longer.

On the other hand, wearing chunky heels or rounded toes will make your legs look bigger. Your legs would also appear shorter and thicker.

13. Avoid ornaments and small designs or prints.

When you choose clothes and are looking for clothes that have no frills, you want to look lighter. When it comes to jeans, wear jeans with no-frills pockets and additional embellishments.

Clothes that have those extra embellishments create the illusion of volume, making you appear larger. The same goes for small designs or prints, as they draw too much attention to unflattering areas.

14. Wear longer shorts

Wearing very short shorts will make you look bigger. It will highlight all your flaws and make them look worse than they are. So, go for a longer pair of shorts and it will instantly appear lighter.

15. Get a spray tan

Spray tans help hide blemishes that cause an unflattering visual break to your body. You will appear slimmer if you have clear visual lines on your skin. Getting a spray tan can hide veins, cellulite, stretch marks, and brown spots that cause the visual breakdown mentioned above.

16. Wear an open jacket

Wearing an open jacket or cardigan will always make you appear lighter. If you wear it over a V-neck T-shirt, it will be even more flattering. When you want to look lighter, put on a blazer or another jacket to make an instant difference.

17. Think about the materials you use

The materials you use influence your appearance. Flat materials like cotton, denim, silk, or wool won’t add bulk. Other fabrics like jersey, cashmere, fine cotton, and a touch of spandex will make you appear slimmer.

On the other hand, other materials will make you look bigger. These materials include corduroy, velvet, metallic, leather, suede, angora, taffeta, satin, fringe, and flannel. If you want to appear lighter, you should avoid these fabrics at all costs.

18. Use the same color on the top and bottom

Using the same color on the top and bottom will create an unbroken line of sight. This lengthens your body and makes you appear smaller.

On the other hand, if you used contrasting colors on the top and bottom, it will draw attention to your midsection. If this is the area you want to divert attention from, it is best to avoid using contrasting colors.

Final thoughts on how to try these hacks to look 10 pounds lighter

Most people want to look 10 pounds lighter every now and then. Whether you’re going on a date or going to a fancy dinner, there are times when you’ll wish you could make that change. However, it is easier than you think.

You can be 10 pounds lighter in an instant, without dieting or exercising absolutely. By making these simple changes, you will instantly look lighter and feel better about yourself.

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