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17 Best Lightweight Foundations 2021 Perfect for Summer and All Year Round

There are countless reasons one might feel averse toward typical foundations, especially in the summer. Maybe you live in an area where the humidity is 100 percent in a destroy-your-hair-and-makeup mode, rendering the aforementioned typical foundation unable to keep up with creeping temperatures and moisture in the air. Or maybe you have oily skin and prefer lightweight formulas year-round.

Then again, you might simply find the makeup staple, particularly liquid and cream versions, to be too heavy in general. The good news is that the best lightweight foundations can be long-wearing and give you the coverage that you need, and you don’t have to worry about your sunglasses making that annoying imprint on the bridge of your nose and on your cheeks. 

Makeup artists have a treasure trove of summertime tips (which, to be fair, can be applied anytime), like trying out tinted moisturizers for a sheered-out glow that won’t be as prone to smudging and smearing as a full-coverage formula might be in warmer conditions. Makeup artist Monika Blunder also previously recommended sufficiently buffing in your base with a synthetic brush to help your foundation last much longer and prevent a makeup landslide from happening.

We’ve sifted through the best and most-loved formulas — including blendable liquids, potted water-gels, and even full-coverage sticks — to determine which products are our favorite ultralight, take-anywhere foundations.

Wherever your personal foundation preferences lie, we guarantee you there’s a foundation below — as recommended by makeup artists and Allure editors — that’ll get you through summer and beyond, sweat and humidity be damned.

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