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11 Best Places To Buy Glasses Online 2021 — Expert Approved

Add to cart: La Madrague, Be Val De Loire, The Grove

Utenzi Miller La Madrague

Utenzi Miller Be Val De Loire

Why we like it: Bôhten is based in Ghana and utilizes sustainably sourced materials, such as reclaimed wood, to produce a selection of one-of-a-kind glasses and sunglasses. Antireflection, anti-scratch lenses, and UV protection all come standard, while blue light filtration is available for an additional cost. As an added bonus, the company is also committed to giving back to the local community by providing individuals with jobs, vision care, and resources to improve their daily lives. Free shipping is available throughout North America — as is a 14-day money-back guarantee and a 30-day exchange policy.

Add to cart: Aristotle Gold-Tone Rosewood Classic, Jade Sky Blue, Exstel Blanc Classic

Bôthen Aristotle “Gold Rosewood” Classic

Bôthen Exstel Blanc Classic

Why we like it: Barner has honed in on a niche that we can all probably benefit from right now: blue-light protection. The brand exclusively offers blue-light glasses, which can be customized with prescription lenses. Each collection is inspired by a particular city, and while the aesthetic, overall, errs on the more artsy side, the frames have a fun yet classic appeal to suit a range of style preferences. There are also options available for kids, a virtual try-on feature, and a 15 percent discount for students. 

Add to cart: Blue Havana Gracia Woman, Storeditch Crystal Women, Ginza Woman 

Barner Blue Havana Gracia Woman

Barner Storeditch Crystal Women

Why we like it: Sunnies Studios is an extension of the Philippine’s-based makeup brand, Sunnies Face. While the color cosmetics are unfortunately not available in the United States, the glasses are. All of the cute frames start at a very reasonable $50 and can be customized with your prescription lens. What’s even more helpful is that the brand offers virtual consultations with an eye doctor, try-on features through your phone, and a useful guide for shopping based on your face shape. 

Add to cart: Arturo+, Gideon, Peggy

Why we like it: “This is the crème de la crème of all optical,” Rapoport tells Allure. She adds, “Their personalized attention is unlike any other.” The retailer offers its own collection of eyewear, including several designs made from ethically sourced buffalo horn, which run on the highest end of the price spectrum. It also sells a collection of designer frames from the likes of Oscar de la Renta and Rosie Assoulin. Morganthal Frederics also offers virtual appointments with opticians at no cost, along with at-home concierge services, the latter of which includes eyewear styling and frame adjustments.

Add to cart: Oberlin Horn, Bea, and Ando 

Morgenthal Frederics Oberlin Horn

Morgenthal Frederics Ando

Want to shop even help shopping for glasses? We’ve got you covered: 

Now, check out this cool history lesson on eyes:

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