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Victoria Beckham’s Nine-Year-Old Daugther Did Her Latest Eye Makeup Look

There’s nothing like mother-daughter bonding, especially when your mother is a former pop star and current beauty brand owner by the name of Victoria Beckham. In a recent Instagram video, her daughter, nine-year-old Harper Beckham, teaches fans how to use and apply Victoria Beckham Beauty’s shimmery eye shadows, using her mother as a model.

You would swear Harper is a seasoned pro in the video Victoria posted to Instagram on March 22. You don’t see the child’s face, only her fingers applying the shadows and her cute little voice narrating along. Victoria shares in the caption that this is her “go-to eye for spring” as she sits back and enjoys the treatment that’s truly fit for a star.  

Harper starts by adding Victoria Beckham Beauty’s Lid Lustre in Tea Rose (a sparkly rose gold hue) all over her mother’s lids. Then, she dabs on the twinkling gold shade Honey into the crease to finish the glowy look. No brushes are needed — Harper uses just two fingers to pat in the shadows. To finish off, Victoria recommends using the brand’s Future Lash Mascara though she nor Harper apply it on camera.  

Victoria Beckham Beauty Lid Lustre


Victoria Beckham Beauty

This tutorial focuses exclusively on the eyes, so Victoria’s base is absolutely flawless. Her skin is glowing, eyebrows are arched to perfection, and her lips are coated with a nice sheen of gloss. All in all, Posh Spice looks radiant and beautiful as always, and fans got a glimpse of an eye tutorial from the star’s youngest child.

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