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Healthy Hair & Pregnancy | How to Maintain Your New Growth

By Naomi Fisher

Did someone say having a child 13 years after the first one was easy, or was that just me?

Did someone say having a baby at 35 would be easy, or was that just me?

Rewarding? Absolutely! Easy? Not one bit! 

Although the journey of having another baby 13 years after the first hasn’t been easy, one thing I can always count on is keeping my hair stylish, fun, and healthy. I have always tried different looks with my hair, from short to long, natural to perms, designs and color, to most recently having fun with wigs. I just love trying different looks. 

For the last five years, I’ve been bald and blonde (one of my most favorite looks to date). Once I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to transition into a healthier look and decided it was time to leave the bleach alone and allow my hair to grow back to its healthy and natural state.

Naomi Fisher

Thanks to companies like Cantu, Mielle, Fantasia, Shea Moisture, Nairobi and aloe vera plants, the transformation has been easy! One thing about being 35 and pregnant, I like to go the easy route when it comes to styling my hair. About five and a half months into my pregnancy, I realized that I didn’t want to struggle with my hair on top of everything else. Not me! 

Before and after going bald, I loved Cantu products for my daughter and me. I also enjoy the Aussie 3 Minute Leave-in Conditioner, which has been a hair blessing for both of us. I also love doing aloe vera treatments once or twice a week to condition my hair and scalp and prevent oiliness. I like to stick to what I know and to do what works best for me. So many times in my life, I’ve been natural and have had to try so many products. But I always find my way back to Cantu and Aussie. 

Even now, with a pixie cut, I still continue to use the same exact products with a mix of raw coconut oil. My hair is not only thick, but it’s also healthy and growing back at a fast pace. Most of my friends and family say this is temporary, and you know what? I would have to agree. I’m thinking of just allowing my hair to grow as long and healthy as possible until after I’m done breastfeeding. Then I guess I have to wait and see where the “hair gods” take me!

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