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A Mom Recreated Cardi B’s Iconic Heart-Shaped Pigtails on Her 7-Year-Old Daughter — See the Photos

This past summer, Cardi B debuted pink heart-shaped pigtails in an epic post that we won’t soon forget. Now, of course, fans everywhere are recreating the iconic look and sharing their own amazing versions on Instagram — including a 7-year-old girl who goes by Samaya Strawberry.

Ok, technically, Samaya’s recreation was done by her talented mother, Saj — aka goghettem_saj — who runs her daughter’s account. Nonetheless, Saj nailed the rapper’s look perfectly, down to all the little details, like the braids woven around each heart-shaped pigtail. The only small difference is that Samaya’s wig is a slightly darker shade of pink than the one Cardi B wore back in August.

Naturally, Samaya is receiving a wellspring of love on her recreation post, which features a side-by-side look of each look. Folks are leaving comments like, “She look so freaking cute🥺💓,” “Yes sis killed it!!!” and “Of course you did 😍😍😍😍.” Additionally, countless people are tagging Cardi B, as well as the “WAP” singer’s hairstylist, Tokyo Stylez.

As if the hair wasn’t enough, Samaya is also wearing similar zipper-like dangly earrings in the photo — that, and she’s even posing exactly like Cardi B did in her video, with her pointer finger resting above her brow just so.

It should go without saying, but we’re so impressed by this mother-daughter recreation of Cardi B’s incredible heart-shaped hairstyle. Here’s hoping even more people recreate this look come Halloween.

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