13 TikTok Famous Makeup Products to Buy During Amazon Prime Day 2021: Lip Gloss, Acne Patches & Foundation

Raise your hand if you have a folder on your phone of beauty products you’ve seen online and want to try? Ditto. Well, the wait is over: Amazon Prime Day 2021 is here and we finally have a chance to stock up on all the internet-famous beauty products we’ve been eyeing. For two days —June 21 and 22 — over 100,000 products are on sale, including some of the collective internet’s recent beauty obsessions. 

We’ve combed through the Internet Famous section of Amazon (yes, there’s a dedicated hub to TikTok and Intagram viral products) and gathered our picks for worth-the-hype beauty products that are on sale now through June 22 at 11:59 PST. These skin-care and makeup choices have been making the rounds on TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest — and pretty much anywhere you hear about cool new beauty items that make you wonder, “When’s pay day again?”

We’ve got you covered on all of your Amazon Prime Day shopping needs, including these social media sensations. Be sure to check out all of our deals lists on well, everything: hot tools, toothbrushes, K-Beauty, and more. And don’t forget to show off these products online once they arrive — maybe you’ll go viral too!

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