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15 Best Electric Toothbrushes Deals From Amazon Prime Day 2021: Philips Sonicare, Oral-B, and Colgate

Oral hygiene company, Spotlight, founded by cosmetic dentists and sisters Lisa and Vanessa Creaven — is launching a brimming bundle of oral care essentials for a thorough mouth cleaning at home. The set includes an electric toothbrush, complete with a two-minute timer and three-speed settings, a two-week supply of whitening strips, a soothing and moisturizing gum oil, and a tube of whitening toothpaste. 


Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries Electric Toothbrush

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5300/HX6423

Oral-B GENIUS X Electric Toothbrush

Snag the Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries electric toothbrush, which offers real-time feedback in the Oral-B app. The round brush head and angled bristles are designed to fit in and clean all the hidden nooks and crannies in your mouth so there’s no plaque left behind. 

The Philips Sonicare HX9690/06 ExpertClean 7500 simultaneously brushes, protects, and cleans teeth. Highlights include the built-in pressure sensor (which alerts you if and when you brush too hard), along with the automatic Sonicare app, which allows you to track, improve, and maintain healthy brushing habits. 

Another high-tech choice is Oral-B’s Genius X-Limited Toothbrush, which offers six cleaning modes. The innovative toothbrush combines artificial intelligence with motion sensor technology to provide daily personal coaching (yes, really!) to help you brush more effectively. To take advantage of this feature, simply sync the toothbrush to your smartphone via Bluetooth and download the corresponding Oral-B app. Three brush heads, a charger, and a travel charging case — which powers both your toothbrush and your cellphone — are all included. 

hum by Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush Kit

Oral-B iO Series 7 Electric Toothbrush

Perhaps the trendiest toothbrush on the list is the Hum by Colgate electric toothbrush. The bright-hued, tech-savvy, self-timing toothbrush offers three vibration modes, so you can personalize your pulse based on the type of cleaning you’re looking for (for example, plaque removal versus whitening). The kit includes a charger, a carrying case, and an extra refill brush head.  

For a completely customized brushing experience, consider Oral-B’s iO Series 7. The Best of Beauty Award-winning electric toothbrush has become an Allure editor favorite, thanks to its use of artificial intelligence and Bluetooth technology. For example, you’ll either receive a happy face or a sad face – which is displayed on the built-in LED screen – based on how long you brush your teeth for (the goal, of course, is to reach the full recommended two minutes). And, if you apply too much pressure, the brush will alert you by emitting a red light. Download the Oral-B smartphone app and brush away to reveal results in results in real-time. 

Not done whetting your Amazon Prime Day palette? Remember that you have until June 22 to shop the deals, but items won’t last long, so don’t hesitate if you see something that catches your eye. Head over to for the complete list of over 100,000 items that are on sale for the next few hours. If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, there’s still time to sign up or try it out for 30 days free.

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