Our Editors’ Favorite New Beauty Products of 2020

This year took us on one helluva rollercoaster ride — and at times, it felt like it would never end. (Anyone relate?) But between worrying about the COVID-19 pandemic and stressing over the widespread political and social unrest, we, like so many others, found comfort in the things we know and love, like testing out beauty products and sharing our favorite discoveries with all of you. Now, since 2021 is finally in arms’ reach, we figured it would be the perfect time to round up our favorite finds of the year.

These are the products we used to the very last drop, the ones we shed a tear for when they were gone, and the ones we can see ourselves purchasing for years to come — not to mention the tools we pick up every day. Throughout this tumultuous time, these were the makeup, skin care, and hair products that brought us joy and solace amid everything going on in the world. So, of course, we had to share them with you, our dear readers, because we’d simply be remiss not to.

So here you have it, folks: our top favorite beauty products of 2020. And no, no it was not easy to narrow it down.

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