Is Divoom Planet-9 desk lamp tops or is Divoom Pixoo Max? better?

Look at these bargains from Divoom

Todays heads up is for two awesome products from Divoom that are quite a sight to see. Between Divoom Planet-9 desk lamp and Divoom Pixoo Max, which do we like better? Why?? Let’s take a much closer peek and see what we can see.

1st for today is

Divoom Planet-9 desk lamp 😁


    • Join Divoom in Star Wars
    • Meet Planet-9 mood lamp- This battery-operated table lamp keeps you away from hidden dangers of electric cords and provides professional lighting with a stable light source.
    • Easy to use- Support operation from your phone through our easy-to-use app. With iOS and Android apps, you can control your led lamp remotely from your phone or tablet. Turn on/off, decorate your home with warm to crisp white light or choose from 16 million colors whenever you want with the tap of a finger.

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The second product on the list for today is Divoom Pixoo Max!

Meet Pixoo-Max – Our most popular smart pixel display board with a 9.6” LED screen. It is our most advanced LED pixel screen with a 32×32 pixel size display. A big upgrade from the previous generation in terms of clarity and stability.

Emoji Car Display – Comes with car mount suction cups. Express yourself and get creative on the go! Send smileys out to considerate drivers, show your love for your favorite sports team or send love hearts to that cutie in the car behind.

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Best Seller > Click to get Divoom Pixoo Max

So I’m saying my favorite between these two is hands down… Divoom Pixoo Max.

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