Mercury Retrograde 2021 Calendar and Survival Guide

During a Mercury retrograde period, it’s important to be extremely careful with our language. Triple-check every text, email, and DM, and take the time to carefully explain your intentions. Spelling errors and Freudian slips are bound to happen. Decision-making skills may also be muddled, so avoid signing any major contracts during this period (although, if you must, be sure to thoroughly read the fine print). When it comes to technology, Mercury retrograde may be to blame for any massive electronic meltdowns, so it’s advisable to not buy any new gadgets for the next three weeks, and if you do, make sure they come with a warranty. And if you’re going to travel, build in time for delays, cancellations, and wrong turns.

Last, but certainly not least, we can always expect people from the past — including old flames — to reemerge during Mercury retrograde. In many cases, it’s best to kindly decline unexpected coffee invites and “innocent” proposals to grab drinks.

When is Mercury retrograde in 2021?

There are three Mercury retrograde cycles in 2021. They are:

January 30 to February 20: The pre-retrograde shadow begins January 15, post-retrograde shadow ends March 13.

May 29 to June 22: The pre-retrograde shadow begins May 14, post-retrograde shadow ends July 7.

September 27 to October 18: The pre-retrograde shadow begins September 6, post-retrograde shadow ends November 2.

How can I survive Mercury retrograde? Is there anything good about it?

Surviving Mercury retrograde is pretty simple: Remember to proofread everything, choose your words carefully, avoid signing contracts (or review them extra carefully), back up your data, and plan for travel mishaps. The truth, cosmic warrior, is that Mercury retrograde isn’t all bad; in fact, it can serve as your quarterly self-assessment. How prepared are you for inconveniences? How’s your self-care routine when things go awry? Although Mercury retrograde isn’t a great time to make huge changes, it is ideal for reflection.

A central theme surrounding the first Mercury retrograde of the year, which starts on Saturday, January 30, is staying on top of correspondence. This retrograde is fueled by the unique spirit of Aquarius. This humanitarian sign, which is ruled by innovative Uranus, also has an aloof nature and can forget to text or call back, even with the help of messenger Mercury. When the communication planet goes backward, we’re more likely to space out and forget to respond to an important email or leave a lover hanging. However, Mercury is happy in this sign. The logical and intellectual air sign nature of Aquarius will help us step back and stay calm during any communication mishaps. 

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