Leo Horoscope April 2021 — Love and Career Predictions

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Welcome to April, Leo! The end of last month saw you manifesting growth in your love life. Now, on Saturday, April 3, communication planet Mercury enters Aries and your 9th House of Philosophy. During this time, you should remember that it’s normal to have a few differences of opinion with your partner or crush, Leo. Who would you want to date a copy of themselves, anyway? It’s completely natural that you may differ on some things, just make sure they aren’t things you can’t get over. This transit helps you have healthy debates rather than all-out arguments. 

There’s a dark new moon also in Aries on Sunday, April 11. You have a hard time admitting when you’re wrong, but we must all learn and adapt, darling Leo. If during your recent conversations, you found yourself agreeing with your partner or friend on ideas you never thought you’d have come around to, don’t freak out. Learning new perspectives is a good thing, and you’re allowed to change your opinion as you grow. Accept that you do not have all of the answers and be open to learning from others. 

Lover planet Venus enters sensual Taurus and your 10th House of Social Status on Wednesday, April 14. If you are willing to put aside your pride in relationships, your love life is going to have a powerful influence in other areas of your life. This transit indicates that a partner could help you out professionally, or introduce you to a new social circle. Either way, it’s absolutely an indication that you’ll be taking more fabulous selfies.  

Messenger planet Mercury also enters Taurus and your 10th House of Social Status on Monday, April 19. Circle this day and stay on top of emails. You may receive news about a lucrative opportunity or a chance to flex your skills in your current job. On this same date, luxurious Taurus season begins, reminding you of the power of self-care. Make sure to pamper yourself even more than usual, pretty lion. 

The sky lights up with a full moon in Scorpio and your 4th House of Home and Family on Monday, April 26. This part of our chart includes not only our literal home environment but also what makes us feel at home. For example: If you’ve been discovering new things about your sexuality, these things will ultimately make you feel more at home in your body. The theme continues when Pluto, the planet of rebirth and transformation, goes retrograde on Tuesday, April 27. When Pluto is retrograde, we all examine our demons and shadow selves. This is where our secrets hide. When we move our secrets into the light, life becomes easier. You’re on the right path, Leo. Keep an open mind, keep exploring, and we’ll see you in May. 

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