Kylie Cosmetics Deleted All But One Post From Its Instagram Grid

Like it or not, Kylie Jenner knows how to get people talking — and not just talking, but speculating. She has turned marketing into a subcategory of the dark arts, and for that, we respect her. And she has just pulled what is, perhaps, her most mysterious and buzz-generating brand move yet.

As of Tuesday, May 4, everything was conspicuously deleted from the Kylie Cosmetics Instagram grid. Everything but one new image of Jenner herself — a Polaroid-style picture of the beauty mogul standing against a pink wall and wearing metallic pink leggings with a matching bra. Her hair is pitch-black with blunt, asymmetrical bangs. The only thing the caption says: “Something is coming.” (Perhaps one of the most fear-instilling phrases in horror movies, but in the beauty world, it only incites enthusiastic curiosity.)

Meanwhile, over on the Kylie Cosmetics website, everything is gone except for a landing page that echoes the Instagram post. A big pink block promises “SOMETHING. IS. COMING.” The opportunity to find out what that is via email is offered with a sign-up field.

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