Is Pook Dukes – Pink (Child) tops or is Pook Beach Blazer? better?

Pook has new items!

Todays heads up is for two cool products from Pook that are simply great. Between Pook Dukes – Pink (Child) and Pook Beach Blazer, which do we like better? Why? Let’s take a closer look and see what we can see.

The first product is…

Pook Dukes – Pink (Child)

Pook Dukes Kids – Pink 3-9 Years of age

Pook >
All-Products > Pook Dukes – Pink (Child)

Our 2nd product on our list for today is Pook Beach Blazer!
We all know POOK exuuuuuuuudes luxury, and living your best life.  Well, now POOK is making all that possible for when your POOK isn’t keeping you extremely warm and cozy in chillier circumstances. 

POOK BEACH BLAZER!! The height of comfort, style, and luxury.  *Wow* your friends and turn strangers heads, as you strut and peacock at the beach, the pool, the beach/pool bar, or even in your living room after a shower or bath!  Extra thick, incredibly soft, and beyond stylish, the POOK BEACH BLAZER is a wardrobe MUST HAVE!  You’re welcome. 

Pook >
Outside > Pook Beach Blazer

I’m calling my pick between these two is a close call in favor of Pook Beach Blazer.

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