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Young Woman Beats Food Addiction and Changes Her Life

When a young woman decided to put her addiction to food behind her, it completely transformed her life. Instead of being controlled by food, she found the power within to dominate her desires. In this way, the food became more pleasant as it was not always available. He continued to eat what he liked in moderation, but most of the time he opted for healthier foods.

In addition to eating better, he also started exercising to lose weight. Due to her determination, she now weighs 186 pounds, less than her highest weight of 250. Here is GiGi’s incredible story of overcoming bad habits and becoming a better version of herself.

“When I was little, I have always been the plumpiest kid on the block and I have always had a problem with positive self-image of the body. I have had many problems: food addiction, I have had eating disorders, I have exercised too much and I know it is difficult, ”he says.

She finally had enough after seeing photos of herself from a friend’s wedding a couple of years ago. It was then that his true weight loss journey began. After looking at the images, he realized that he needed to make changes. GiGi wasn’t feeling his best, both physically and mentally, so he wanted to be healthier for his future.

She said this:

“I did a lot of research; I found an eating plan that worked called Bright Line Eating. Basically, you weigh your food and eliminate sugar and flour from your diet. I know it seems extreme, so for the first two weeks it was. What I quickly realized was that my body was addicted. But after that, I really found my groove. “

According to its website, “Bright Line Eating (BLE) is a science-based program that teaches you a simple process to get your brain involved and you can finally live happily, lean, and free.”

Additionally, it involves eliminating sugar and flour from your diet so that your brain’s addictive centers can heal. When you don’t give in to cravings, your dopamine levels are regulated. In this way, you can make better and clearer decisions about what you eat.

The eating program also helps you develop better habits so you don’t constantly deplete your willpower. By relying on second-nature habits, you won’t have to make as many energy-depleting food choices. Finally, it helps restore levels of leptin, a hormone that regulates hunger and appetite.

The young woman lost 80 pounds just by following Bright Line Eating

“I felt lighter, happier, stronger [in] mind, body and soul, as cheesy as it sounds. I started on January 1, 2019 at 255 pounds and I’m only 5’5 so I was definitely in the obesity category, ”says the young woman.

However, by following the eating program alone, and not even including exercise, GiGi lost a whopping 80 pounds. He wanted to make sure he had control over his eating habits before starting an exercise routine. Once he had mastered the eating part, he started exercising. She chose the Sweat app by Kayla Itsines, designed for users who want to exercise at their own pace at home.

“That, along with Bright Line Eating, really helped me hone my healthy habits. Now, after the quarantine and the difficult year we had, I gained about 30 pounds as I am sure many of you have, “says GiGi.

However, despite the setback, he learned a valuable lesson. He realized that a health journey is not just about your weight or how much you can lose. It’s about enjoying the ride and being happy with the little victories. It’s really about learning as you go and not getting sucked into the details.

“So for me, it’s really about loving myself where I am and continuing to strive for those healthy habits, but not punishing myself if I don’t achieve them all the time,” says the young woman. “My biggest piece of advice I would give to anyone starting out on their health journey is to really feel about yourself and write down your triggers. What makes you want to binge, or run late nights, or go to the store for ice cream? I encourage you to look at the health elements, because that’s really what motivated me to start in the first place. “

This young woman changed her life completely with care and self-love

GiGi shows us that being too focused on the end result takes the joy out of the process. No matter what you push yourself for, if you can’t have fun along the way, is it really worth it? Slowing down and appreciating where you are will take you further than stressing out how far you have to go. As they say, slow and steady wins the race. Stop and smell the roses every now and then, so you don’t miss out on the beauty of your own transformation.

GiGi says: “Some of the positive things that have come out of all this is that I have created an incredible community on my Instagram page. So for me, it’s really about cultivating that community and realizing that I’m not alone, and that there are a lot of women who are struggling with the same thing.

“Truly, the mindset is the greatest positive power player of my life. I feel more genuinely happy with where I am. I’m excited to see where else I’m going to go. “

Final thoughts on the young woman who overcame her food addiction and changed her life

Many of us use food as a mechanism to cope with the stresses of daily life. Our brains want instant rewards, but we end up paying for quick gratification later on. By moderating your eating habits and learning healthier ways to cope with stress, you can transform your health. This young woman shows what is possible when you stop punishing yourself and love yourself.

Just remember, you can achieve whatever you want in life, but don’t forget to appreciate where you are right now as well.

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