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Young Man Finally Finds His Jam at Local McDonald’s, Singing Every Order at ‘Best Drive Thru Ever’ – WATCH

A high school graduate offers big smiles with his unique brand of customer service, which includes a musical song with every order.

Sign photo by Ashley Sicora

Daniel Marshall’s upbeat singing and banter with customers at McDonald’s in Arden Hills, near Minneapolis, Minnesota, has earned him five-star reviews such as “The Best Drive Thru Ever!”

He has been taking center stage in the restaurant for the past year, greeting all self-service customers with his vocal talents and good humor.

Always personalize your melodies if you know a customer’s name, or simply give them a nickname like “Superstar”, “Boss” or “Captain”.

The burger joint owner recently recognized Daniel’s infectious personality by surprising him with a personal message on the restaurant’s huge sign out front.

“WE LOVE DANIEL !!!!” read the sign, preceded by Daniel’s signature greeting, “BA, DA, BA, DA, DA.”

LOOK to see Daniel in action, and read more, of KARE-11 news, here… [Note: If you are having technical issues with the video below, see it at the link above.]

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