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No matter the mascara (or mascaras) you choose, there are a few tricks and tips you can use to get the most out of it. Like makeup artist Georgie Eisdell, you could apply mascara on closed eyes while wiggling the brush back and forth as you sweep in upward motions (sounds weird, but take contributing editor Marci Robin’s word: it works). 

If you’re really dedicated to lengthy lashes, you can take the approach of beauty editor Devon Abelman, who times her mascara application by listening to songs that are least four minutes long (again, sounds strange at first but it’s effective as hell). 

“I kick things off by sweeping the wand upward from the roots of my lashes to the ends with a feather-light touch… Next, I push up my lashes with only the tip of the brush,” she previously wrote. “Now, I do the classic sweep through my lashes with the regular amount of pressure that I assume the average person uses.”

After applying mascara to her bottom lashes with a wiggling motion, she repeats the whole process again for lashes that one could easily mistake for extensions.

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6. Should I get eyelash extensions?

Speaking of eyelash extensions, that’s one of the most-missed and most-wanted beauty treatments, as many readers told us in our annual survey. The TLDR on those is that they’re teeny-tiny fibers that are attached one by one to the base of your natural lashes using medical-grade adhesive. Costs vary among salons, but let’s just say these appointments are going to cost more than your monthly false eyelash and mascara habits — and cost isn’t exactly the only big factor you’ll want to consider before getting them.

Although they’re a very glamorous, longer-term solution for those who want big lashes, extensions require a lot of maintenance and some straight-up lifestyle changes in order to keep them from falling out prematurely (or breaking your real lashes in the process). Here are a few tips for that, per previous Allure reporting.

Sleep on your back to prevent extensions from rubbing up against your pillow. Apply a small amount of baby oil and comb them with a spooley brush daily to prevent flaking and tangling. And most importantly, try your damn hardest not to play with them too much (this one’s extremely difficult because they’re so freaking soft).  

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