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Woman Who Lost 110 Pounds Shares Weight Loss Tips

Looking for weight loss advice from someone who knows the difficulties first-hand?

Cassandra, formerly known on Instagram as “shrinkingcass,” managed to lose over 110 pounds on her weight loss journey. Once he weighed over 400 pounds at his heaviest point, he decided to lose weight because he wanted a better quality of life. While this brave woman knew it wouldn’t be easy, Cassandra was inspired to take her health into her own hands. She also wanted to have the energy to keep up with her young children and be able to do more with them.

You started by eating healthier, working out in the gym, going for a walk, and doing yoga. Cassandra said that she had never made health and fitness a part of her life, but she knew it was not too late to start. “I love exercising and being active. It’s something that wasn’t even a factor in my life before, and now it’s my favorite hobby, ”said Cassandra. She shows that anyone can start a healthy lifestyle and enjoy it, regardless of age.

Cassandra summoned her determination and dedication

Her dedication led her to lose more than 45 kilos over the course of two years. And Cassandra’s incredible journey showed her the importance of staying fit and improving her health. Putting all his excuses and limitations aside, he put 100% of his focus on achieving his weight loss goals.

His advice to anyone interested in improving their health and losing weight is to keep going, no matter what. We all have days when we don’t feel like making a salad or exercising, but those days make you stronger. “You will have bad days, you will have days where you will stray. Sometimes it even becomes a week or a month, and that’s normal, okay, ”he said.

As long as you eventually get back to normal and get back to your goals, don’t beat yourself up for taking a break. Life gets busy and overwhelming at times, and it’s equally important to rest your body and mind. In fact, you can learn to relax without giving up completely because everyone needs a chance to recharge. “You only fail when you give up. You always have to keep going. “

Don’t worry about perfection; It’s the effort that counts

We hope Cassandra’s inspiring advice will motivate you to work toward your own goals, whether in fitness or other areas of your life. No matter what you want to achieve, it takes incredible willpower and dedication. Always give 100%, but remember to allow yourself to bounce back and pamper yourself once in a while. Humans are not machines. So we shouldn’t expect us to act like them.

Instead of trying to reach perfection, do the best you can, with what you have and where you are. We all begin our journey at different levels. So don’t compare yourself to others. The only thing that matters is that you become a little better than you were yesterday. Taking a fifteen or twenty minute walk will always be better than sitting on the couch. So if that’s all you have time for, it’s a hit. You can always become a better version of yourself, even if you take small steps.

Cassandra wants you to know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, as long as you work hard and remain determined. You can always modify the exercises and go at your own pace. While her gym was closed during the pandemic, Cassandra posted some of her favorite workouts to do from home. She didn’t let the closure keep her from her fitness goals, and inspires many who had to take a break from the gym, too.

Yoga is one of Cassandra’s favorite weight loss tips (and relaxing too!)

Cassandra is primarily focused on strength training, but has also found a love for yoga. “Yoga has taught me a lot lately, not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually. I need it now more than ever, with the madness that is 2020 and so much uncertainty in the coming weeks. Yoga is really the best for relieving anxiety and stress. “

“Yoga is like my own mini vacation. Especially now when we can’t go anywhere or do anything, it’s nice to be able to take a mental break and just kick back and relax! Exercise doesn’t have to be intense or make you sweat to be good for your body! “Regardless of the type of exercise you enjoy, try to make it part of your daily routine, even if you only have 20 minutes to spare. The more you exercise, the more you will fall in love with it, just like Cassandra did!

Final Thoughts on Cassandra’s Weight Loss Tips

She says you don’t have to have a “#fitspo” body or be slim to enjoy fitness. We fully agree and hope that you find an exercise that you enjoy no matter where you are on your health journey. Memorizing weight loss tips is only part of the journey to a healthier life. Remember, your healthy lifestyle should revolve around making positive changes for yourself, not just reaching an “acceptable” weight. While everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their skin, remember that every body type is worthy and your internal health is the most important.

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