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Woman Transforms Her Body, Dancing Her Way to Fitness

A determined woman decided to embark on a fitness journey to regain her health. When Amber started, she had no idea how much this decision would change her life. Fast forward five years and you’ve lost a total of 132 pounds! For her, becoming a mom allowed her to realize the importance of improving her health. Once he transformed his body, he didn’t look back.

“When I started my trip, my highest weight on record was 323 pounds. I’ve been overweight my entire life since I was a child, ”Amber said. “When I had my daughter, I was rushed for a cesarean section, and that’s when we realized that my weight had taken a toll on my body. It was causing me pre-eclampsia. “

Doctors explain what preeclampsia It can be aggravated by obesity or being overweight. This condition is characterized by high blood pressure, excess protein in the urine, and swelling of the legs and hands. Scientists believe that insulin resistance, inflammation, oxidative stress, and vascular dysfunction, which are commonly found in obese women, may contribute to pre-eclampsia. While the condition is not always life-threatening, severe cases can be fatal.

“I think that was my turning point because I was about to not only be a mom, but also to be a mom who could possibly lose my life due to my weight. I was terrified. “

From then on, Amber decided to take her health seriously, no matter how difficult the journey seemed. When it started, the biggest hurdle was overcoming the mental blocks I had to exercise. However, once he had the proper mindset, everything became easier.

Amber started running and never looked back.

“At first it was very difficult for me, especially learning to eat, learning proper nutrition and learning to exercise. There were several times that I went [to the gym] And I would see people running, running for miles and miles. Mentally, he would be defeated before he even started. I think that overcoming my way of thinking was probably one of the biggest challenges for me, ”he said.

Also, it took him a while to discover the types of exercises he enjoyed. She combines weight training and cardio, but says cardio works best for her.

Cardio and dancing It really helps me ease all that tension. “

It didn’t take Amber long to see the results, as her body transformed. She stepped on a scale after six weeks of working out at the YMCA and had lost eight pounds! Seeing her efforts pay off encouraged her to keep pushing.

“I think that was my motivation, as if that was just what I needed to get going. It was just seeing those little goals, seeing myself achieving different milestones, and every few months seeing my body change. Realizing how strong he was, those were probably the biggest motivating factors for me. “

The positive results

Amber has noticed so many positive changes in her life since she regained her health. She has learned to love herself and her body, and has realized the importance of praising herself on the journey. In general, she is much more loving than before and knows that being healthy is a form of self-care.

While she still wants to lose more weight, she is proud of how much her body has transformed so far. Amber tries to keep the same energy she had in the beginning, even on days when she gets discouraged. Some days you feel overwhelmed or not in the mood to exercise, but you keep pushing yourself. On tough days, she tells herself:

“Your goal is closer than you think; just look back to see how far you’ve come. “

The story of how Amber transformed her body inspires thousands on social media

Amber posts frequently about her struggles and triumphs throughout the journey to her health recovery. She uses “Bae Goals” on Instagram, where she shares her crudest thoughts on mental health, exercise, and life in general. He has amassed 120,000 followers on his account and many of them are motivated after hearing his story. Amber talks openly about fighting addiction and shares with her followers how helpful counseling has been.

Often times, being overweight or obese hides even deeper problems that people don’t talk about. Getting to the root of addiction is the first step in overcoming it. Amber has worked hard to achieve her goals and regain her health, and her journey is not over yet. As you work towards your fitness goals, you also have some ambitious business ideas.

Amber believes that it is important to continue to share her story and inspiration with others. He is currently working on a book, talks, coaching, and branding opportunities. After regaining her health, she feels called to help others on their travels as well.

In an inspiring Instagram post, he says:

“I never knew how heavy the weight was until I put it down. The weight of depression, the weight of rejection, the weight of wanting to end my life. I didn’t realize it until I dropped all those pesos that were holding me back. Imagine how high you can jump when you are not burdened by [stuff] you can’t control. “

“Stop giving up. It’s okay to reboot. Not feel pressured through this Internet to be someone you are not. Be true to yourself and be authentic … I am lowering the weights every day. Join me and get your mind back. I am climbing this mountain not because I want the world to see me, but because I want to see the world. I refuse to limit myself. “

Final thoughts on how Amber transformed her body and regained her vitality.

Not only did Amber’s physical health improve, but it also transformed her mental and emotional states. When you start taking care of your health, it affects all aspects of your being. It’s not just about losing weight or looking like him Instagram Models; it’s about general wellness.

If you’ve been doubting start your health journeyHopefully Amber’s story can give her the encouragement she needs. Remember, it is never too late to be your best!

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