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Woman In Constant Pain From 96 Surgeries is Overwhelmed by $20,000 From Anonymous Santa

An Idaho Falls man has been anonymously donating more than $ 500,000 to deserving people in his city in the run-up to Christmas.

Now the life of a woman who has suffered 96 jaw surgeries and chronic pain after a work accident has changed.

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Last week we shared the story of Diana Boldman, a working grandmother You received a big surprise in the form of a much needed new vehicle.

Then we share Alyn’s story. When he was wrong on his luck and homeless, she made the difficult decision to have her teeth removed. He was overwhelmed a few days ago when he surprised him with a new smile.

Now is the time to meet Jennifer.

When Secret Santa’s elf in East Idaho News, Nate Eaton, came to her door to give her a gift, she wasn’t there. He was shoveling snow from the neighbor’s driveway.

As she and Nate talked, Natalie shared some of the difficulties that she and her family have been going through – it’s not just the 96 surgeries, the constant headaches and pain, the MRSA infection that has spread through her body or having You have to mix food and drink smoothies because you can no longer chew. Last week, his father died of complications from COVID.

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“We know that money can’t take that pain away, but hopefully you can know that someone loves you and cares about you,” Nate says.

She is overwhelmed when she sees the amount. She says, amazed, “I don’t know how this happened, but I promise to try to pay for it.”

Jennifer already volunteers weekly at Ethel Boyes Elementary to help young children learn to read. “Working with children gives you something to look forward to and gives you hope,” he says. Eastern Idaho News. “She is truly the most generous and charitable person you will meet. She puts everyone’s needs before hers. “

(WATCH the emotional video where Jennifer receives her amazing gift below).

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