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With Duane and Colleen Elgin

Choosing the Earth: with Duane and Colleen Elgin

January 6, 2021– “Duane Elgin’s book, Choosing Earth projects half a century into the future to explore our world in a time of unprecedented transition. Duane offers a comprehensive systems view of the converging trends of adversity facing humanity and three main scenarios for the future that are most likely to emerge from these powerful trends. By illuminating profound psychological, spiritual and scientific changes already underway, it offers hope that a mature planetary civilization will emerge beyond our times of crisis. Based on a lifetime research and a decade of community organizing by the author, Choosing Earth is an unadorned look at the reality of our world in crisis and an invitation to actively shape our future rather than be passive victims of denial and delay. ” Kosmos Journal shares more in this interview with Duane and Colleen Elgin. (130 reads)

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To take actionLearn more about the Choosing Earth project and how to get involved here. [more]


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