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Wisconsin Town Falls in Love With Giant Beach Ball, Rolling it to Different Streets After Signing It

Calling all cars! Calling all cars! Be on the lookout for a beach ball that has escaped! The theme is four feet tall, four feet wide, multi-colored, heavily inked, and considered highly entertaining. Come with pleasure!

Not your typical all-points bulletin, granted, but last week that was the buzz among the citizens of Stoughton, Wis., When a rather unusual new mascot came to town.

The wandering inflatable, since then nicknamed Roly Poly Ole, escaped the confines of his yard, but instead of returning home, the gigantic beach ball began to circulate and bring spontaneous bursts of happiness wherever it appeared.

Ole’s outing as a neighborhood goodwill ambassador began as a fluke.

“Honestly, it started out of place. Someone on Stoughton’s Facebook page came up and asked if anyone was missing a huge beach ball because there was one that had blown up at the end of a road. And that’s literally how it started. ” Instagrammer Katherine Marshall Kartman said 98.1 KHAK.

“From there, people started signing it, sending it, sending it to different streets,” said resident John Thompson. Channel 3000 News. “It’s just spontaneous, people love it.”

Like a colossal, colorful tumbleweed, Ole has made his way from street to street, making friends wherever he goes, collecting signatures and smiles from almost everyone he meets.

Although Ole has gotten into trouble, like having a leak and losing a lot of vital air, a few times, the staunch residents of Stoughton have stepped in, patch in hand, to repair the damage and refill it before dispatching the next leg. of your adventure.

“(We’ve) worked to keep this ball inflated, repaired, alive and moving down the road,” Fire Chief Josh Ripp told News 3000. “Kicking it to the next person is pretty phenomenal.”

According to Stoughton Police Facebook pageWhile they had a chance to catch the “neighborhood marauder” in the act, they decided to let him go with a warning to keep up the good work.

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Since beach balls have a notoriously short shelf life, the original Ole is likely to be retired at the end of the season, but the joyous orb has been such a popular hit that there is talk of making the “Ole Crawl” an annual event. .

Ole’s growing suburban legend has taken on a life of its own. Rumor has it that there have been sightings of fake inflatables rolling down the streets of nearby communities in tribute.

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While Ole’s feats of glory may have been a bit disproportionate, that sure sounds like a case of ‘ball good ending good’ to us.

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