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Wind power firm aims to nip nimbyism in the bud with tulip-shaped turbines

For some, wind turbines symbolize a commitment to a greener planet; others see them as loud, dangerous and ugly.

Now a company based in the Netherlands and also in the US is hoping to counter Nimby’s complaints (not in my backyard) with its tulip-shaped ‘eco art’ design. Flower turbines They say their products pose no danger to birds or other wild animals, and they create noise that is so low in frequency that humans cannot hear it.

They are designed to be installed by companies that want to improve their sustainability while making an artistic statement.

Roy Osinga (pictured, third from right), Flower Turbines European Director, said: “Our product, compared to large windmills, is quiet and attractive, which makes it very successful for construction in cities. “.

Main Image: Flower Turbines / Jan de Groen

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