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Why the Hell Did Machine Gun Kelly Dye His Tongue Black for the 2021 Billboard Music Awards?

Here at Allure, we often write about beauty trends started by celebrities. And so many things can fall under the oversized beach umbrella that is “beauty” — if it’s a thing that someone is doing to their body, it probably counts. On the face? Definitely qualifies. In the face? Sure! And it seems Machine Gun Kelly might have just kicked off a new trend at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards: a seemingly dyed-black tongue.

Kelly arrived at the award-show red carpet already aware that he’d won in the Top Rock Album category. And he celebrated the way anyone would: by sticking out his tongue, which is apparently painted black. He stuck it out at the cameras and, of course, pretty much on his girlfriend, Megan Fox.

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Did he drink a charcoal latte? Enjoy a black lollipop on the way to the show? Nope. A quick visit to Kelly’s Instagram Stories reveals that he had someone physically paint his tongue with a Q-tip. But the footage sparks more questions than answers. What is the substance? Food coloring? Vegetable dye? Tar? (Please don’t be tar, please don’t be tar.) Allure has reached out to various medical professionals to see if any of these possibilities are even remotely safe.

Machine Gun Kelly/Instagram

We’re curious about how long this glossy, opaque black cast will last. Through the end of the night? Through the end of the week? Forever? Will it transfer to Fox when they kiss? Hopefully, we’ll get answers soon. Until then, it’s best to refrain from helping this beauty trend take off.

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