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Why Men Don’t Want the Skinny Model Most Women Think They Do

The battle of the skinny against the fat is one that has been going on for centuries. Women think that men want the starving slim model to be a size zero. So slim may be a preference for some men. But it seems that for most men it is curvy and thick.

Men are hardwired to believe that they must have the little girl who looks good dangling from their arms, but do most men yearn for such a petite, framed woman? You might be surprised by the results of a group of studies that show men like curves.

It is incredibly stressful for a man who wants to choose a life partner. They take a girl of their interest out to lunch only to find out about all the things they cannot consume on their restrictive diet. Women are always looking for diet plans that can improve their figure.

However, it can be frustrating to turn that into a date where all a man wants to do is eat right. Now, he doesn’t want a woman to eat more than he does, but he wants her to have a healthy relationship with food and not starve.

This does not mean that slim model bodies are not beautiful either. But it should reinforce the idea that curvy women are attractive too.

The multitude of Hollywood actresses and models adds to the inappropriate social perceptions

Women feel that if they eat less, they will appear more attractive to the opposite sex, but studies have shown that men prefer a woman with a fuller figure, like an hourglass. It is not comfortable to snuggle with someone bony.

Part of the reason women think that men want the model body is the misperceptions given by the Hollywood elite. Consider some of the super skinny stars like Paris Hilton or Kelly Ripa. These women are so small that their bodies have nothing to fill their clothes.

In fact, a woman should be the size that makes her feel most comfortable, but what women think that a man wants and desires is quite diverse. Why does a man like some meat with the bones, and could these preferences stem from his family life and his mother’s body composition?

In fact, curves help a lady look better in her outfit, and nothing looks more voluptuous to a man than a big, broken lady. Look at the bodies of Adele and Kate Winslet. They are both beautiful women who do not conform to social norms to be pencil thin and are comfortable with their size.

If these women are healthy, and appear healthy, there is no reason for them to starve to have or have a spouse. The average woman was once a size 12-14, but is now one size 16-18, which means that it is becoming more and more acceptable to be bigger.

The Weight Debate Throughout History

Things have certainly changed over time. During the Renaissance era, women were considered to have more money and were sexier when they weighed more. Her curves equate to beauty, sophistication, and wealth.

Look at some of the paintings made during this time period and you will be amazed. The famous painter Leonardo da Vinci rose to fame during this period. His portrait of The Mona Lisa describes that a larger woman was undoubtedly more desirable.

The strange thing about many of the paintings during this time was that the women were not only curvy but quite large. Being big and beautiful meant that a woman was at the height of sensuality. Back then, women were treasured for their God-given bodies, and no one dared use harsh labels to shame them.

While being “fat like a partridge” was socially acceptable, things changed around 1840. Sylvester Graham, a Presbyterian minister, sowed the seed that women should be slimmer for better health. In 1860, the first diet plan came on the scene, which was the Go on a diet.

Consequently, he was the one who invented graham crackers that were first considered a diet food. This low-carb strategy remarkably resembled the Keto or Atkins plans, and many women lost weight. This started a trend that women should have a lower target weight to keep them in good health. However, nothing was said about the men.

Research shows that men like curves

The Journal of Perception recently published an article from a study conducted in University of San Andrés. The participants were given photographs showing the facial features of various women. Surprisingly, the guys unanimously chose the women who were in a healthy weight range over the slimmest women.

The study sends a strong message that being underweight is not necessarily attractive, as many women think. The 1,200 male participants were between the ages of 25 and 55. To the amazement of the research team, more than 81 percent of these gentlemen like curves, and lots of them.

When asked more, men stated across the board that curvy women are more seductive and sexy. Could men be tired of the growing trend to make women figureless just to adapt to the demands of society? This study shows that the average man likes a little meat on his lady’s bones, and if she’s healthy, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Female curves are beautiful, attractive and feminine

Women think that men are attracted to the ultra-slim woman with little to no shape. However, it is the curvature of a woman that turns her crank. When a lady has curves, it gives her a shapely appearance and emerges as more natural and even elegant.

Why does the voluptuous woman tend to radiate sensuality, and men love to see a nice round booty and hips that move when a lady walks? Some think that a man sees the potential for a woman to have children when they have larger hips and breasts. This is all subconscious, but some women carry babies effortlessly, while others struggle with pregnancy and delivery.

Did you know that some scientists believe that a woman with a larger body will live longer? Sounds strange as you would think someone with less weight would have a longer life expectancy. The Copenhagen Institute of Preventive Medicine found that women with hips larger than 40 inches have protection against heart disease.

This layer of hip fat offers more protection than damage. According to this study, a woman around a size 14 is perfect and the little fat she is carrying is healthy. The sad thing is, most women think they need to be a size two model on average to be desirable.

For some men, thinness ruins the perfect lines of femininity.

Women think that men only like one type of lady, but you have to remember that variety is the spice of life. Everyone has a taste and a preference when it comes to their partner.

Is there any truth to the theories that a man will marry someone like his mother and a girl will marry someone like her father? If a man is raised in a household where the woman is older, or is even classified as a big beautiful lady, he is not likely to develop stereotypes that are harmful to people of stature.

If this gentleman had a good relationship with his mother, he would probably be drawn to a similar caliber. Keep in mind that physical features are not the only thing that reminds you of your parents. Some men see a woman with a few extra pounds and assume that she is a good cook, and in many cases this assumption is correct.

However, a thin person can be just as good a cook. Metabolism and genetics can play an important role in the weight equation, as it is not always about what you eat. Bone structure is also another factor that weighs on the entire package.

A woman who weighs 120 pounds. on a small frame it will look very different at the same weight on a larger bone structure. Genes tend to help with the overall appearance of a lady, and if men want a glimpse into the future, they should consider their mothers.

Society does not view body types in the same way.

Something that goes completely against the original study is that slim women tend to have more successful careers. While men may prefer a larger girl, the place of business prefers a smaller woman. An article was published in the Journal of Applied Psychology that reviewed a study conducted by the University of Florida.

They found that a woman with less curves did $ 22,000 more a year than a heavier woman. The sharp, angular lines of a smaller lady may not be attractive in the dating world, but it is a business preference. Many fatter women swear that this is why employers ignore them, and this seems to confirm that suspicion.

Final thoughts on men who prefer curves over a slim model

Above all, a man prefers a woman who knows how to take care of herself. Being skinny as a model can be just as bad for your health as being too heavy. There is a fine line between being fat and obese that you must adhere to due to the health implications.

Still, when it comes to sexual attraction and desirability, it seems that what women think and what men genuinely like aren’t even in the same range. It’s okay to have a healthy appetite, and it’s okay if you’re not a size two. You’re beautiful, just as you are, slim model or not!


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