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White Sox Finally Play Yankees On ‘Field of Dreams’ Site, And it’s ‘Perfect’

Fox / MLB on YouTube: Fair Use

“It’s hard not to be romantic with baseball,” wrote a Hollywood screenwriter for Brad Pitt’s character in the film. Moneyball.

For those lucky enough to have seen Kevin Costner’s enduring classic Field of dreams at the right time, that is, when you were a boy or a girl who had already signed up for the minor leagues, to see Costner and the Yankees and White Sox of the real world taking a regulation baseball diamond cut in a corn field The real thing in Northeast Iowa is something that brings out the perfect truth of that line.

When the White Sox first met the Yankees across the cornfield from Dyersville, where Field of dreams was shot, in the first regular season game played in Iowa, Everything was perfect.

Popping out of a stretch of ripe corn past the warning track in right field, Costner, who has a great baseball arm and threw his own pitches in movies like Bull Durham Y Field, took out both teams to enthusiastic applause before launching the first pitch in the game.

Subsequently, he stepped aside to give the pros a chance to live out their own dreams, even though most of the players were too young to have seen the film.

“Build it and they will come,” goes the famous line from the movie, and indeed thousands of MLB fans from across the country showed up to see this perfect occasion. The batters, in turn, showed up to entertain, and the game ended with White Sox 9: Yankees 8.

The occasion had originally been scheduled for August 2020, but was delayed due to COVID-19.

Obvious baseball romantic (no insults here) Randy Peterson, writing for him Des Moines Registry, he recapped the thoughts of Yankees manager Aaron Boone after the tough loss.

“That’s probably the best setting for a baseball game I’ve ever been a part of,” Boone was quoted as saying. He later added, “Kevin Costner standing there in short center field, that’s probably a moment I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

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“I was present and it was by far the best sporting event I attended,” said one commentator. “MLB hit a home run on this! The best part was that to get to the game, you had to enter through the corn in the center field in the original. Field of dreams field. Everything was so well planned. “

As a step

Fox / MLB on YouTube: Fair Use

James Earle Jones, 90, starred in the film as Terrance Mann and was honored to use his famous voice to read Fox’s pregame sneak peek.

Sports Illustrated detailed how refreshing it was to watch a baseball game without the endless splendor between innings, the announcements on the jumbotron, the constant requests to “make some noise” and the music blasting out.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said Field of dreams He will return next year, likely with the Reds and Cubs, giving the MLB schedule another special date along with the All Star Game, Homerun Derby and the start of the postseason.

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“It seems like every team is going to want to play this,” Costner said. MLB. “There is going to be a great competition to play here. There will be records set here as a result of Field of dreams. I hope it happens. “

Now to baseball, and we will make it short and very sweet.

By the top of the ninth inning, the game was 7-4 at Chicago, and it had already featured many pitches over 100 mph and several home runs that flew into the cornfields surrounding the park.

Fox / MLB on YouTube: Fair Use

In a nightmare that was unraveling for closer Liam Hendricks, otherwise All Star, he allowed New York to erase that 3-run lead after a Tyler Wade single in the first start led to a home run by Aaron Judge, the second to Judge’s game. Walking Joey Gallo before allowing a blast from Giancarlo Stanton meant Hendrix had put the Sox behind by one run with his last three outs of the game.

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Seby Zavala walked, putting the lead career at bat, one Tim Anderson, who proceeded to hit a home run over the cornfields where teams had entered more than three hours earlier, sealing the victory at 9-8.

It’s hard not to be romantic about baseball. It was perfect; it was everything a baseball fan could wish for. A celebration of a simpler period in America’s pastime history.

It was heaven.

(CLOCK the video below.)

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