Which do you like better – SitSmart Posture Plus Seat or Trigger Point Massager?

We found two neat pieces from BackJoy

This 1 on 1 is for two great products from BackJoy that are quite a sight to see. Between SitSmart Core Traction and SitzRight Seat Cushion, which do we like better? Why?? Let’s take a closer look and see what there is to see.

The very first product on the list

SitSmart Core Traction 📱

NEW! SitSmart Core Traction relieves straight back discomfort by optimizing your sitting position.

Features premium material covering plus anti-slip grip areas for several day convenience and security. SitSmart Core Traction positions your body to obviously alleviate back discomfort and keep you sitting easily for hours. Measures 15.5” x 13.”

  • Anti-slip grip areas hold your seat in place
  • 2x cushioning & wider sitting surface
  • Natural, safe and effective straight back pain relief

BackJoy >
Posture Seats > SitSmart Core Traction

Our second item on the list today is SitzRight Seat Cushion!

The SitzRight Seat Cushion relieves force on your sitz bones and tailbone by dispersing your weight more evenly.

Manufactured from soft, supportive EVA material, it absolutely was made to allow you to stay with better posture, alleviating exhaustion and vexation. Measures 18” x 14” x 4”.

Most chairs don’t help a standard lumbar curve. However the SitzRight cushion includes a unique ergonomic design that slopes downwards to aid a healthy lumbar curve, giving you instant lower back treatment. The contoured design has higher pillars in the back that prop your pelvis up and open the angle between your chest muscles and feet, reducing stress on the hip bones and encouraging proper posture.

BackJoy >
Sale Items & BOGO Deals > SitzRight Seat Cushion

I’m calling my pick between these two has got to be hands down…[SitSmart Core Traction|SitzRight Seat Cushion].

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