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Where 111 Trees Are Planted for Every Girl Child Born

Piplantri: where 111 trees are planted for every girl born

August 27, 2021– Being born a girl can be risky in some parts of the world. In communities where a dowry is expected at the time of marriage, and where girls are not offered education so that they can earn equal pay, a girl is often seen as a drag rather than a girl to be celebrated. To compensate for this negative view of being a woman, the village of Piplantri, India, has chosen to overcome the stigma of being born a woman by planting 111 trees every time a girl is born. The 350,000 trees that have been planted so far have become a source of beauty and sustenance for this forward-thinking people. (12 readings)

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To take actionRead about how girls’ education can affect an entire community for generations. [more]


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