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When Toronto Bar Admits it Needed Rent Money, Neighborhood Swoops In to Buy its Entire Stock of Beer

Popular Toronto local Swan Dive posted that it was struggling to pay rent during the pandemic. So customers bought all of his shares to help.

Owner Abra Shiner was trying to keep her closed pub running as a bottle shop, but it was becoming very clear that the costs of trying to operate that way were too high. She decided to be honest about her situation on social media.

“We were spending our savings and I wasn’t sure I would be able to pay the rent by the end of the month,” Shiner said. told CNN. “So I wrote on Facebook asking people to come and buy the beer we had in our warehouse… and it worked. The post went viral. “

Shiner’s plea on social media soon had more than 20,000 views, and people from across the Brockton Village neighborhood showed up to save beer and his beloved bar.

“People are just starting to get out of the woodwork, some people we haven’t seen in years,” Shiner said.

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Within a few days, Swan Dive had unloaded more than 90 cases of craft beer. In fact, it was completely exhausted.

Swan Diving / Facebook

Combined with a government rental subsidy, the money the community added to the bar float in recent beer sales will keep this much-loved pub until spring, when it can safely open its doors once more.

“You guys are pretty cool,” Shiner posted to Swan Dive fans on Facebook. “What wonderful people you all are.”

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