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What went right: UK ‘culture wars’ don’t reflect genuine divisions, plus more positive news

The government backed a vacation platform without flights

As UK travelers currently in the Balearic Islands struggle to adapt their plans after a change in the traffic light system this week, many may wish they had opted for a less stressful journey closer to home.

Pay in Byway, the “world’s first flight-free vacation platform,” focused on slow, personalized travel with a minimal carbon footprint. The startup has just announced the closing of a funding round in which £ 1.1 million was raised from a combination of angel investors and the government innovation agency, Innovate UK.

Since its launch in mid-2020, more than 7,500 trips have been built through its platform. Offers travel in the UK and throughout Europe.

Cat Jones, Founder and CEO, said: “We are taking the time and work to plan and book off-the-beaten-path train, boat and bike trips, and the reception we’ve had has been brilliant.”

The company aims to use the funds to accelerate growth, hire more staff, and further develop the technology behind the platform.

Image: Connor Mollison


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