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What Is An Angel Number…and What Does It Mean?

Do you know you have an angel number?

Beyond the scope of human perception and understanding there is another realm. Yet it is as close to you as your heartbeat. The only way you can divulge your secrets is with your spiritual eyes, because it is the kingdom of angels.

Even though you probably haven’t seen your Guardian Angels face to face, they are always with you. In fact, they were by your mother’s side the day you were born and continue to be a gentle guiding force in your life. When you take your last breath, your angels will lovingly escort your soul back to eternity.

Los angeles are spiritual messengers in charge of keeping you safe. They cannot override your free will and they will not interfere with your destiny. All they can do is be a source of cosmic strength and comfort and hope that you will make the right decisions in life.

It is difficult to believe in forces and beings that cannot be seen or heard on the physical plane. They can only be felt with your psychic intuition. They won’t take you seriously if you don’t believe in them because they believe in you, and they always care about your best interests.

How do your angels communicate?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sit down every day to have a friendly chat with your heavenly guardians? While some people have experienced angelic visitations in the earthly realm, these are rare occurrences. However, you may have met your angels disguised as humans and did not know them.

Most of the time, these spirit beings communicate with you by speaking mentally. Perhaps there was a case in your past where a soft inner voice told you to call a loved one, and you did. Later, she discovered that her loved one had been ill and needed help.

While many skeptics may consider these events to be coincidences, perhaps they were not. Perhaps there have been countless events in your life that developed positively because you paid attention to the inner voice. These are when angels are guiding you by speaking to your heart.

Remember that angels are spirits and exist at a higher frequency than mortals. If the situation warrants it, they can manifest themselves physically. How do you know they are here when you feel nothing?

The events that we consider luck may not be by chance. Let’s say, for example, you had a job interview at a specific time. However, he stopped to help someone on the berm with a dead battery. He’s late for the interview and discovers that the CEO interviewing him is the person he helped on the road.

That’s just a fictional scenario that could represent strange coincidences in your life that worked in your favor. He did not see any winged spirits and did not hear an intuitive voice in his mind. However, these are signs that your angels watch over you and take care of you.

Angel numbers

Did you know that the Universe is an infinite pattern of numbers and number patterns? Even if you are not a fan of math, you can appreciate the unique proportions and patterns that you see in the world. Think of the amazing symmetry of a leaf or the perfect distance between the earth and the sun.

Scientific research confirms the myriad patterns and numbers around us. According to an article published by The Stemette Society, a mathematician named Fibonacci noticed the regular patterns in nature. Your Fibonacci numbers are accurate for everything observable in the world.

It’s no wonder angels like to use number sequences to get their attention. Since your entire being exists in a plethora of symmetry and sequence, you can quickly recognize patterns. Open your heart and mind because your guardian angels could speak to you in numbers.

When your angels give you cues in numbers and patterns, they are specifically for you. The same set of numbers that is important to you may mean nothing to someone else. These loving beings know what grabs their attention and will use it as their spiritual voice.

Numbers that are constantly in a sequence are often called synchronicity. An article published by PsychReg says that this term was coined by one of the pioneers of psychoanalysis, Dr. Carl Jung. Jung describes synchronicity as two unrelated events occurring at the same time with significant results.

Although Jung did not attribute them to divine intervention, he believed that they were too harmonized to be a coincidence. He even shared some of his theories with Albert Einstein, who was also fascinated with these inexplicable phenomena, according to the article. Perhaps the explanation is not as complicated as you think.

Using angel numbers in your life

Did you know that everything in the Universe is vibrating? An article published by HeartMath states that higher vibrations are associated with love, compassion, and well-being. The higher you bring vibrations in your mind, body and spirit, the more in sync you will be with the world of your angels.

When you think about the numbers that matter in your life, you can feel overwhelmed. Your birthday, address, phone number, social security number, and many more. Do you have a specific number that seems to speak to you?

If you pay attention and use your spiritual intuition, you may notice numbers and sequences designed by your heavenly guardians. Look for number patterns that may be so obvious that you haven’t seen until now. Suppose you are looking for a used car and cannot make up your mind.

You check your email and you have four messages about potential vehicles. They all seem like a good deal and you make a few calls. After the third time of leaving a voicemail, you finally reach the last person, who is the fourth caller.

They invite you to test drive the car at 4pm. You get to look at the vehicle, and it’s exactly the four-door sedan style you’ve wanted, even in the perfect color.

Are all these “four” sequences a coincidence, or are your angels suggesting the vehicle that will be best for you? Often times, you won’t have as many sequences in a single occurrence, but it is possible. Remember that your angels can only suggest, but cannot decide for you.

As you become more familiar with these spirit beings and their signs, you will become more sensitive. Some decisions and other crucial events in your life can be distinguished from angel numbers.

Exploring numerology

Angel numbers are a form of numerology, who believes that specific numbers correspond to events in his life. However, you still have free will and must still make decisions rationally. These celestial numbers are just a soft hint in the right direction.

Numbers have a high vibration and exist in the spiritual realms of angels. Using your psychic intuition can help reveal numbers and patterns that are working in your life. Here are some common psychic meanings behind angel numbers.


When you see number one, think about independence and originality. It may refer to the beginning of a new chapter in your life.


There is a reason you have two of many organs in your body. This number represents cooperation and strength. Seeing a pattern of two can encourage you to be more responsive and cooperative.


This is a divine number, as seen in the trinity of deities in many religions. Represents creation and spirituality. Three is your creativity and growth number.

• Four:

Do you see how cars have four wheels and chairs have four legs? You and many other animals have four limbs. This number represents stability and provision. Whenever your angels leave four as a sign, you can refer to your career.


Their hands and feet have a total of ten fingers and ten toes. The number five is associated with doing things and having an affair. Your angels can subtly tell you that your life will soon be more active.


While the number seven is attributed to the Divine, six is ​​the number sign of humans. Represents you, your family, and your close friends. You can also point out the responsibilities you have in these relationships.


This is the number of Deity and completion. Seeing a combination of seven throughout the day can be the call of your angels to align with Spirit for your divine purpose.


Your celestial beings want you to have a life of abundance. It is not only about material goods, but also about spiritual wealth. The number eight is associated with prosperity and the guidance of your angels towards it.


The destiny of your soul is represented by the number nine. It is easy to get caught up in the materialism and concerns of the world. When you start to see nine in different places, your angels are helping you focus on your spiritual purpose.

Final thoughts on angel numbers

Communication with your loving angels It is closer than I imagined. While they will often speak to your heart, they can also use numbers to get your attention. When you begin to discern these signs, you will take your spirit to higher levels.

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