We discovered three awesome items from Global Travel Clothing

Hooray! we glad to present to you a number of great products. There are a few items in Global Travel Clothing worth featuring today, so let us get to the goodies ASAP!

The very first item we have is

Women’s Joey Light Travel Jacket 😍


How our Jacket is Different
More Temperature Flexibility
Wash AND Dry it at Home
Pockets Fully Enclose
Better Materials
iPad/Book Pockets (2) Water Bottle Strap Hidden Pocket
Earphone Holders Detachable Hood Microfiber Cloth
Built in Eye Mask Cuff with Thumb Hole Water Resistant
Laptop Pocket Waist Adjuster Lots of Storage

Click here for Pocket Diagram Details

Product Description

You know that when traveling you need to carry several things on you at all times. Or some of us like to every day when we are not traveling. The vast majority of regular jackets are not suited for this particular task.

Global Travel Clothing >
Womens > Women’s Joey Light Travel Jacket

Our 2nd item on the list for today is Womens Travel Shirt!
Sometimes the weather is a bit too warm for a jacket. So we build the worlds best hidden pocket travel shirt. Our shirt has two hidden pockets on the sides. The pockets do not show any stitches that giveaways its location. These pockets are perfect for cash and credit cards.We also made them from the finest 100% merino wool. Merino Wool is nature’s best material for temperature control and for natural antibacterial function. This is not a Merino Wool blend. This fabric costs more than cashmere wool. We have had these on the drawing board for quite and while and made a limited run of these shirts for this holiday season. We are selling them at 20% off during their introductory launch. 

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Womens > Womens Travel Shirt

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