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Watch This Lucky Tortoise Enjoy His New Homemade Scatcher Device Crafted From Broom Heads


Zookeepers made a turtle a homemade scratching station, and an adorable video shows the creature moving as it tastes it.

Morgan Brem, an intern at the Dallas Zoo, created the scratching device for Sunny, the radiated turtle.

Made with broom heads, it is perfect for the little animal to pick at the impossible-to-reach spots on the top of its shell.

Robin Ryan, Ambassador Animal Experiences Supervisor at the Dallas Zoo, said: “He made it adjustable to see if our ambassador armadillo would be interested as well, but so far, we’ve only seen Sunny use it.

“The base is wood with a grass mat cover for belly scraping opportunity, the frame is PVC, and the brush heads are attached with conduit fittings.”

To “maximize scratch ability,” the top brush was lowered twice for Sunny, who has been at the Dallas Zoo since 1980.

Robin said that turtle shells are part of their spine and have nerve endings that run at the top.

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What’s in a name?

Ryan explains that: “The name ‘radiated tortoise’ comes from the pattern on Sunny’s shell. The upper part of its shell has yellow lines radiating from the center.

“They look like rays of sunlight, hence the name. Her captivating personality helps inspire guests to want to create a better world for animals. “

(CLOCK Sunny scratches that itch in the video below.)

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