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Watch the Stunning Single-Shot Drone Video That is ‘Bowling’ Over Hollywood

A dizzying tour of a Minneapolis bowling alley has seen millions of people watching, and even Hollywood impressed by the skillful skills of the pilot.

The 87-second video, produced by Sky Candy Studios, begins over Bryant Lake Bowl before speeding through the door, completing several laps around the lanes and flying behind pin-setting machines before going through the room. maintenance and even among bowlers. legs.

Several A-list Hollywood techs praised the video as “amazing,” and the YouTube post quickly racked up more than a million views.

Bryant Lake Bowl waitress Farrah Donovan told local news that “everyone is like doubting it. I can attest that it is 100% real. It was here.”

Director Anthony Jaska said it was not a commercial shoot, but rather a way of highlighting the incredible capabilities of First Person View (FPV) drone imaging.

The pilot was Jay Byrd Christiansen, who got 15 out of 15 shots right, without crashing the drone even once, even in tight spaces like between the legs of a person who was polishing a ball in a nod to John Turturro’s character in The Big Lebowski.

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“We probably took 10 shots with the camera on,” Christensen said. KARE11. “The first, the time was very far and we would reach a certain part and the bowler would not be there, or maybe the drone was a little out of position …”

The final session was completed in one take, remained unedited, and did not use CGI. The only alterations of any kind were the dubbing in the bowling actors’ voices, again a nod to the most famous bowling movie of all time when a bowler can be heard saying, “Dial it 8, buddy. “.

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Sky Candy Studios you could now have a large monetary interest in the skills of your pilots and producers, such as Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Gunn tweeted Tuesday: “Oh my God, this drone shot is great,” and then “I want you to come with us to London later this year when we shoot Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.”

We’ll be sure to let you know where the Sky Candy team will appear next.

(CLOCK the awesome video below.)

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