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Watch Family’s Dachshund and Speedy Tortoise Playing Football Together


This is not your normal game of search, although this speedy turtle would surely be ready for one.

Rudy Janssens found the tortoise while walking through a small Belgian forest 30 years ago, and has been happily sharing the garden with generations of family pets.

Rudy told GNN they called it Jaguar because “it’s really fast; the hotter the weather, the faster.”

One day when Rudy’s sons were playing soccer in their garden in Antwerp, Jaguar started running after the ball.

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At the time, his dog, a Bouvier des Flandres, proved to be a worthy football opponent for Jaguar. “He could take the ball in his mouth running towards the house, with Jaguar chasing him.”

These days your dog is a Dachshund, which proves to be a more fair fight. Named Marcel, in honor of Rudy’s late father, it can be said that the cub loves to play both defense and offense, trying to keep the game as long as possible.

However, the soccer season for the couple is over, as winter is settling on the field.

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“Jaguar has already buried itself in the sand somewhere in our yard,” says Rudy. “In spring it will appear again, always a happy moment: it has returned, winter has passed!”

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