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Walking with george

January 30, 2021– “I had never been good at practicing mindfulness, or being mindful – period – until I had a dog. Watching your breath, extolled as the infallible way to be present, left me in such a deep state of hyperventilation that I quickly wanted a break. I was constantly on the go, anxious, starting projects but never finishing them, leaving things half done, forgetting items, moving from one thing to another, constantly apprehensive. But then I got George Lucas: a miniature Schnauzer who was the Star Wars director’s double, right down to the salt and pepper beard and thoughtful dark eyes. ” This beautiful piece from Parabola magazine shares a story of mindfulness, connection, and a canine master. (312 reads)

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To take actionAs a special treat for readers in these difficult times, Parabola has made available for download a PDF of the “The Search for Meaning” edition. You can check it here. [more]


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