Virgo Horoscope July 2021 — Love and Career Predictions

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Welcome to July, beautiful Virgo! June was a little bit kinky, and you may have found yourself interested in trying new things in the bedroom. Thanks to your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, you were able to ask for what you wanted. Your love life is definitely on a winning streak but beware of misunderstandings when Mercury, which is in Gemini, squares (an unfavorable astrological aspect) Neptune in dreamy Pisces on Tuesday, July 6. Communication may be hazy, especially with lovers, so ask for clarification before jumping to conclusions. Have any difficult conversations in person rather than over text. 

A dark new moon in Cancer on Friday, July 9, turns your attention from your love life to your friendships. Reach out to new acquaintances or old friends who you haven’t spoken to in a while. This is the perfect night for planting seeds of friendships, and you can never have too many people in your corner. The middle of the month may get a little heavy emotionally when the comet Chiron, known as the “wounded healer,” goes retrograde in bold Aries on Thursday, July 15. This retrograde brings old trauma to the surface. It’s a great time for processing difficult emotions, but such important work can take a toll, so it’s crucial to have supportive friends by your side. 

Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and abundance enters your sign, Virgo, on Wednesday, July 21. This transit has you feeling confident as ever. Wear some bold makeup, your favorite outfit, and schedule a date for this day, if you can. If not, see those awesome friends! You’ll feel hot as hell and need to share that energy with others. You’re one step ahead of the rest of us, because the next day, on Thursday, July 22, attention-loving Leo season begins. Emotional Cancer season is behind us and it’s time to roar. 

On Friday, July 23, a bright new moon in Aquarius turns your attention to your health. Don’t worry — this doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you, but it does mean that if you can, you may want to consider resting for a moment. Full moons can be emotionally exhausting, and you’ve been pretty social lately. You are the hermit of the zodiac and need alone time to recharge. Consider using this night to rest and practice self-care. There will be plenty more parties to attend in the future. 

Beware of gossip when your ruling planet, messenger Mercury, enters wild Leo on Tuesday, July 27. If you hear something about a friend or romantic interest that gives you pause, be careful not to jump to conclusions. You don’t want to blow off someone you care about based on rumors. You’re practical, Virgo, so do your homework and be direct if questionable news arises to get the answers you need. 

The month comes to a close when warrior planet Mars enters your sign on Thursday, July 29. Mars rules our raw sexuality, so July should end with even more hot sex. With compassion, consent, and communication, you can have exactly what you want in bed. Remember to assert your needs, but with fighter Mars in your corner, you should be fine! Stay safe and see you in August.

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