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Video Shows Wally the Walrus Appearing to Drive the Boat He Clambered Into During His Latest Escapade


This hilarious video shows Wally the walrus who appears to be driving a boat he got on during his last getaway.

Wally has been filmed “driving” a motorboat along the Irish coast while continuing to be a nuisance.

The lone walrus has been on a 2,500-mile solo journey for months and recently spent more than six weeks outside of Cornwall.

Wally is believed to be from Svalbard, northern Norway, and traveled only between Wales, England, and France.

But the wandering walrus has now made a home for itself off the Irish coast.

And recent footage shows Wally apparently sailing along the coast in a luxury motorboat belonging to the Clonakilty Distillery in West Cork.

Posting the video online, the distillery said: “One of our team had an unexpected visitor from the Arctic on his ship tonight.

“Wally, the walrus seen today in Clonakilty … We think he must have stopped by on his travels for a refreshing Minke G&T.”

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The ship is normally used to search for rock samphire, a botanical product used in the production of gin.

The large marine mammal, believed to be around four years old, would have sunk a small boat and damaged several others on its visit to Cork.

It was first seen in Ireland before settling in Tenby, Pembrokeshire in March.

Seal Rescue Ireland has launched an appeal for a pontoon or other floating platform for Wally to use as a “designated safe place of transportation” to rest undisturbed.

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The charity said: “We are looking for a floating pontoon / platform as a safe transport site for the walrus, so that it can be effectively monitored, protected from disturbances and prevented property damage.

“Like pinnipeds (like seals and sea lions), walruses are semi-aquatic, which means that they must come up to land (or a floating object) to rest.

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Such a pontoon would be similar to one built for the walrus during its time on the Isles of Scilly.

The BDMLR and St Mary’s Harbor Authority built a specific custom pontoon that replicated their apparent need for physical contact.

(CLOCK Wally in the SWNS video below).

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