Victoria Beckham Says Daughter Harper Wore Makeup During Lockdown

Not gonna lie: I’m writing this while wearing a 26-year-old tie-dye T-shirt and gray, knit, drawstring shorts that I definitely spent no more than $7 on. I was wearing those two items of clothing when I wrote this yesterday. I might wear them tomorrow. I know I’m not alone working from home while wearing the softest, loosest, most comfortable clothing possible (though the number of consecutive days wearing the same thing is debatable). If I’m just going to be hanging out at home with my dog, I would prefer to do so in an amorphous blob of knit cotton. 

Victoria Beckham apparently does not feel this way. 

The Spice Girl turned fashion designer and beauty mogul sat down for a long-distance chat with Sienna Miller for Vogue‘s Forces of Fashion event, and during their candid discussion about a number of topics, Beckham revealed that, throughout the pandemic lockdown, her go-to pants were jeans. And this is Victoria Beckham we’re talking about, so you know she doesn’t mean those drugstore leggings that had a tromp l’oeil denim finish. (Pajama Jeans have come a long way, though, apparently.)

“I did not wear an elasticated waist unless I was going to the gym. I did not. I absolutely did not,” Beckham told Miller. “No, I wore a vintage jean and a T-shirt or a shirt most days. I thought, no, I’m not going to go there with the tracksuit, absolutely not.”

To reiterate: jeans. She wore jeans. Does she know jeans have hard parts? And vintage jeans? That probably means they didn’t have nearly as much stretch as today’s denim. If, like me, you find this choice mind-boggling when there are so many soft pants available in the world, you’re not alone. Miller was Team Not Jeans for much of the year.

“I was in pajamas, definitely March, April, May,” Miller told Beckham. “No elegance, no makeup, roots. Just ran that shit when I think back to it.”

Beckham’s tendency to wear jeans did ultimately serve a purpose beyond confusing people. It inspired her to make denim a keystone of her post-lockdown ready-to-wear presentation.

“Jeans really were what I wore every day,” she emphasized, explaining that she found it quite comforting. “So for me, denim was key, which is why I decided to make denim quite an important part of the first collection that I did when we came out of lockdown.”

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