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Vandana Shiva: For Love of Mother Earth

Vandana Shiva: For the love of Mother Earth

August 23, 2021– “Vandana Shiva started out in quantum physics, something her school didn’t even teach, but she learned well enough to finally study for a PhD in Canada. Somewhere there, she met the tree huggers of the Chipko movement in the woods. from Uttarakhand, the forests her father worked in as a child, and it became clear that she had a different life ahead of her than the one she intended. The scientist would have to take the banners. These days she spends her life traveling the world, floating from one conspiracy to another, enraging, agitating and inspiring. ” More in this Dumbo Feather interview with Vandana Shiva (174 reads)

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To take actionWatch the trailer for “The Seeds of Vandana Shiva,” a documentary about her life and work. [more]


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