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Understanding the 7 Layers of the Human Aura >>>

Every living being has an aura, which is an electromagnetic energy field that surrounds it. If you can see the spirit realm, you can see that this layer is very colorful and has many levels that encapsulate the body. These levels are essential for each being, as it embodies the various aspects of both the spirit and the self.

Humans are not the only living beings that have these auras. Also, healers observe them around animals, trees, and plants in nature. Everything that lives and breathes has an energy field that others can observe. Depending on current mood, health, and actions, this area may expand or decrease.

Some experts describe this field as encapsulating the light that surrounds and covers your body from top to bottom. Spiritual Advisors believe that light tends to be dimmer toward the ground and larger toward the head region.

The energy that your body exudes as you mix with others can relax you, or it can make you anxious, and all of this can happen without you opening your mouth. There is no doubt that others can feel the energy you drain from your body. Has anyone ever said that a person has an unpleasant aura?

Well, essentially, they are saying that negativity surrounds them. However, there really is a energy field those vibrations can be felt by others, and it does not require a spiritual sense to grasp them.

Understanding the seven auric layers

There are seven layers of human aura, and ironically, each one is inside another. The physical, mental and emotional well-being of a person dictates and affects these auras. Each of these layers radiates from the inside out.

Realistically, the first layer is the one that is closest to your body, and the last layer, or the seventh, is the one that is furthest from your being. Ironically, there are seven chakras, and each of your chakras is related to the layers of your auras, depending on Chakras for beginners. What is the purpose of having so many layers?

Well, each of these layers is responsible for transmitting information through its energy fields or chakras. The distinctive vibration of each layer increases in strength as it comes from the inside out. The layers closest to the outside have the strongest vibrations.

The human aura is also affected by your physical well-being. For example, if you are healthy and have a good general sense of well-being, your energy field will be wide and bright. In fact, it can span several feet.

However, if you are sick, stressed and exhausted, your energy field and vibrations will be weak. Each layer is fluid or structured, and they help provide harmony and balance to your human aura.

The seven layers of the human aura

You must understand each layer and see how it is connected to the internal and external conditions that concern your body. Here are the auras:

Layer # 1: Etheric

Your etheric layer of energy is the closest to your physical body. It is located about two inches from your skin and is also called “nadis.” It has a high point of radiation in your energy field and helps control your physical consciousness.

This layer of energy is related to your organs, glands, muscles, and even your bones. It has a blue-gray hue and is said to vibrate at more than 15-20 cycles per minute. Those who are sedentary will have a weaker etheric layer, while the most active will have a deeper one.

Layer # 2: Emotional

The second layer is the closest to the body and is primarily responsible for reflecting your emotions and moods. It is related to the sacral chakra and has a vibrant color wheel that encompasses all the colors of the rainbow. When you are in emotional distress, spiritualists can see that this layer is cloudy.

Since this layer is constantly changing due to your mood, it can be in a way in the morning and altered at night. It has the power to interpenetrate the etheric realm, helping the emotional self to interact with the physical self.

Layer # 3: Mental

Just outside the second layer is the third aura, which is the mental body. It is often called the solar plexus chakra as it contains your thought processes and your mental regulations. This human aura is located between three and eight inches from the physical body.

This layer is a vibrant shade of yellow and is your mental health layer, so understandably this section has a higher level of vibes than the first two. Others can see the vibrations of this level closer to their shoulders, neck and head region. If you are a strong person who tends to have an overactive mind, this layer will be brighter.

However, if you are in poor mental health and have issues like depression and anxiety, then your color is understandably dull and not so vivid. Fortunately, if you are engaged in reading, meditation, or energy stimulation, you can make this layer more vibrant.

Layer # 4: Astral Bridge

The fourth layer is called the sky bridge. That’s because it connects the highest vibration levels and the third layer with the lowest vibrations. It is a connector that takes your energy field to the next level of the human aura. In terms of color, you can see all the colors of the rainbow here, but a healthy fourth section will be a beautiful shade of pink.

The heart chakra is closely associated with this region and is essential for your spiritual development. This area is about 8-12 inches from your body and is one of the most chaotic levels. Madness arises from the transfer of the lower levels to the astral plane or higher vibrational fields.

Your love and good relationships will strengthen this region and any conflict in relationships will weaken it. Some see this as a doorway, and this is where you generate dreams and out-of-body experiences. Those who have spiritual enlightenment or wish to gain greater understanding should focus on this area of ​​the bridge to connect with the higher planes.

Layer # 5: Ethereal Template

This layer is also called the etheric double body of the human aura. It is the fifth layer and connects directly to the fifth chakra. This layer has a higher vibrational frequency and is about 1-2 feet from your being. Some say that this aura is a model of their physical being on the spiritual plane, and the color range it will vary a lot.

Within this part of your aura are things like your personality, identity, and your overall energy. Additionally, it can help your body overcome illness and control toxins that enter your system. Healing sounds can also help stimulate this region.

Layer # 6: Celestial

The third eye chakra that everyone talks about is related to the sixth layer of your aura. Here, you can make spiritual connections and bring inner light into your being. This aura is about 2.5 feet from the body and here it receives help with its wisdom.

This region is believed to allow your physical and spiritual mind to blend, and meditation helps establish this connection. This area has powerful and string vibrations that connect to the divine world. You can receive messages from angels and spirit beings in addition to being strengthened by love and light.

Layer # 7: Causal

The seventh layer, the etheric template, has to do with your spiritual being. This aura is about 3-5 feet from your being and has an extremely high frequency. The soul and mind communicate here, and it is connected to the crown or seventh chakra.

This layer has an extraordinary responsibility, as it is responsible for holding all your layers together, so it has a higher frequency than the others. The hue of this region is vividly gold or white, which means spirit. Here you can connect with your creator and your spiritual development occurs in this aura.

All people have a spiritual level, but not all are willing to surrender and open this area. However, those who submit will have more access to the divine and will increase their physical abilities.

Final thoughts on understanding the layers of the human aura

If you are learning about human auras and chakras, it can be quite overwhelming to take all of this in at once. Each layer of this aura has a specific amount of vibratory energy and you have the power to increase or decrease this energy based on your activities.

The longest and deepest layers are on the outside and the smallest are closer to the body. Why is it essential that you learn about these auric layers and apply them to your daily life? Since it has the power to strengthen or stimulate this region, it can help you progress on your spiritual journey.

If you want to experience enlightenment and grow spiritually, being in tune with your energy fields is essential. According to the Psychic libraryAura awareness and cleansing are vital to your overall physical and mental well-being.

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