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UK is ‘Looking to the future,’ Setting a Ban on Gas and Diesel Car Sales For 2030

The alleged UK ban on the sale of cars that burn fossil fuels was officially scheduled for 2030, making it the first of the powerful Western economies to do so.

The ban takes effect five years before the deadlines discussed above; it would affect both gasoline and diesel vehicles, and five years later, even hybrids.

The announcement came Wednesday from Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who said the ban would be part of a broader “green industrial revolution”, in which £ 12bn ($ 16bn) would be spent on other projects, as a proposal. from quadrupling offshore wind, investing in hydro and nuclear power, making homes and offices more efficient, and more.

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Although this year has taken a very different path than we expected, the UK is looking to the future and seizing the opportunity to rebuild in a greener way, ”Johnson said in a statement. “The recovery of our planet and our economies can and must go hand in hand.”

Concerns about the lack of reliable infrastructure for such a dramatic review in sales potential in a country where 263 cars are sold every hour need to be addressed with £ 1.2bn ($ 1.59bn) for investments in public charging stations, £ 582 million ($ 773 million)) in subsidies to make certain electric vehicles cheaper, and £ 500 million ($ 664 million) in R&D for better battery technologies according to CNN.

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“We share the government’s ambition for leadership in the decarbonization of trucking and we are committed to the journey,” said Mike Hawes, executive director of the Society of Automobile Manufacturers and Dealers, in a statement.

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