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Translating Meaning Into Life: A Taoist Parable

Translating the meaning to life: a Taoist parable

December 29, 2020– “During a time of great drought, members of a village asked a Taoist teacher if he could help bring rain to their dry fields. They confessed to having tried many other approaches before approaching him, but without success. The teacher agreed. to come and asked for a small hut with a garden that he could take care of. For three days, he tended the garden, without performing any special rituals or asking the villagers for anything else … “Thus begins an intriguing Taoist parable, that is, used here as a springboard towards an exploration of synchronicity and the idea of ​​”being the change we wish to see in the world”. (19643 reads)

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To take actionPay attention today to the relationship between your inner world and your outer reality. For inspiration, here is a Dan Siegel passage on “Developing Mindsight” [more]


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