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TPH Hair’s New Intense Moisture + Care Line Got My Hair Back in Check |Review

When my hair was all dry and I took down the braids, I was not surprised to see how beautifully defined my hair was. It was also so soft. The curls were clumped together, but they didn’t feel stiff. Just touchable. Typically, I leave my hair loose after taking it down, but I had to style it into a mohawk for a project I was working on. The hairstyle you see above is the result of that takedown, which caused a bit of frizz because, well, let’s just say I used some bobby pins that were not friendly to my hair. But as you can see, the remaining curls are super defined, incredibly soft, and I was pleased to see that the definition held beautifully for another three days.

I took the Keep Shining oil for a spin after testing out a different curl cream, and it is just a dream. Yes, it gives the moisture and luster I love on my curls, but it also, for me, worked kind of like a curl refresher. My hair was a little bit wonky — I’d just taken off my bonnet and it was stuck in the position I slept in. Using this to fluff out my hair brought it back to life, and also helped keep the frizz that might have otherwise occurred in the process at bay.

As for the curl cream, I used that in a wash-and-go, first saturating my wet hair with my typical leave-in. I divided my hair into three sections and raked in Curls 4 Days. I could see my pattern immediately forming. Since I didn’t have much time, I pulled out my T3 Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer and its diffuser attachment to help my hair along in the drying process. The shrinkage was real, y’all. My curls typically reach a similar length to what you see in the image above, but the combination of the dryer and the curl cream put them at maybe the length of the pixie. After fluffing it out, though, my hair was its typical length.

Overall, I expected TPH to deliver, and it did. And unlike the USPS, it didn’t let me down.

Jessica Cruel, content director


Courtesy Jessica Cruel

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