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Top Summer Nail Art Trends for 2021 | Expert Tips, Photos

Nail appointments are officially back in the books with visits to the salon safer than ever. We’re sure you’re looking forward to having a nail artist finally grace your tips with all the fun summer nail art trends you’ve been bookmarking on Instagram. 

In case you’re not exactly sure what you want, we have just the looks for you that are as fired up as you are to re-enter the world. We asked three incredibly talented nail artists to create three takes on one of the following summer nail art trends: swirls, ’90s vibes, and 3D jelly.

First, you’ll see the trend on the simpler side of the spectrum with swirly, ’70s-inspired looks courtesy of Amy Le, who is based in Los Angeles. She offered up variations that are minimalist and maximalist; muted and vivid. 

Fast forward to the ’90s, you’ll have Chan aka Clawgasmic‘s takes on everyone’s favorite decade to reference at the moment to admire. Looking back on the ‘90s “brings up such happy memories for people,” she tells Allure. “With the uncertainty of the last year, it’s so nice to just reflect on a time that was fun, easygoing, and relaxed. The fashion was bold, comfortable, and carefree. The pressure of certain 2021 wonders didn’t exist, and — in my opinion — the music was iconic.” You’re sure to get “No Scrubs” stuck in your head just looking at what she came up with. 

And for the most summery of summer nail art trends is 3D jelly nails, courtesy of Miki Higuchi. Hailing from Japan, she brought the textured, water-like look she’s been doing for years over to New York City’s Akiko Nails, and we have a feeling you’re going to see a lot more of the jelly nail redux all over your Instagram. Mark our words. 

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