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TikTokers With Locs Are Trying the ’70s Hair Flip Trend — Watch Videos

Those voluminous, ’70s-style Farrah Fawcett disco curls are trending in a major way all over social media, especially TikTok. The platform is home to a series of videos that show people trying the look for themselves, flipping their pre-curled hair up and down so the style can take shape. The clips, set to the 1985 tune “I Wonder If I Take You Home,” show in real-time the transformation from a very strange-looking coif with bumped-up, flipped-out ends, to perfectly mussed, Studio 54-esque curls. Most of the videos feature people with straight or straightened hair, but there are some TikTokers trying the retro hairstyle on their locs, and, honey, they look so good.

On April 20, Charlotte-based TikToker Briana Tisdale, also known as Melanin Marie, shared part one of her tutorial where she washes, retwists, and styles her locs using Peculiar Roots hair-care products. To form the curls, she rolls up her locs section by section using large flexi rods, then adds the brand’s Flaxseed Styling Mousse to hold everything in place.

After giving her hair about a day and a half to dry (though she tells Allure three would have been better), she comes back for part two. She unravels the flexi rods, delighted that her locs are holding the curls. After the hair flip, her hair falls in cute ringlets past her shoulders. Though it wasn’t what Tisdale initially was expecting, she says she was happy with the final outcome.

Washington, DC-based TikToker Erika Totten also joined in on the fun on May 19. To prep the look, she tells Allure that she spritzed each section with a solution she made with water and oil, then added Lotta Body Wrap Me Foaming Mousse to her locs. She worked section by section, wrapping about four to eight locs in 1.5-inch flexi rods. 

After three days, Totten lets her hair down to film the video. She begins by raking her fingers through her curled, caramel-colored hair before flipping it up and down. Her tousled locs form beautiful ringlets around her face.  

Besides being highly enjoyable, watching these women style their hair reaffirms what anyone with locs will tell you: They’re versatile as hell, and gorgeous to boot. Here’s hoping more TikTokkers carry on the trend.

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