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Tiger Father Upends Stereotype By Caring For 4 Cubs After Mom’s Death, Surprising Researchers

Panna Tiger Reserve

With tiger families, it is the mother who provides parental care. After giving birth to the cubs, they stay close to her for two years, learning hunting and survival skills. Then they go on their own.

But since a tigress died of unknown causes in India’s Panna Tiger Reserve in May, the tiger parent has been exhibiting “weird behavior” by caring for the four cubs beyond the usual protective role. It has been observed hunting a sambar deer and sharing the prey with the young. He has been heard calling the cubs in communication.

Conservationists carefully monitor the 8-month-old pups, and they currently look healthy, active, and are not hungry or stressed. Mongabay has reported.

“The tiger visits these cubs regularly and his behavior shows that he is not a threat to the cubs. We have seen the cubs playing with the male tiger and sharing kills, ”said Panna Tiger Reserve Director Uttam Sharma. Mongabay-India.

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(LOOK the Mongabay video about this story below).

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