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Three good things: inspiring projects that show faith in the future

Library of the future, Oslo

Who will read books in 100 years? (Assuming there will be someone left to read them), is the question posed by Library of the future in Norway. Every year since 2014, Scottish artist Katie Paterson (pictured left, with author Margaret Atwood) has invited a different author to submit a manuscript. The texts, kept secret from all but the writer, will be sealed and not read until 2114. Atwood was the first to contribute.

Paterson has also planted 1,000 Norwegian firs in the Nordmarka forest near Oslo, which in 100 years will provide the paper for at least 3,000 anthologies of the 100 works.

“Future Library is a small project, but it has a message of hope and trust. It goes beyond what we live now and reaches, through words, our children’s children, ”Paterson told Positive News.

Image: Giorgia Polizzi


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