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This Week’s Inspiring Horoscopes From Rob Brezsny’s ‘Free Will Astrology’

Our partner Rob Brezsny provides his weekly wisdom to illuminate our thinking and motivate our mood. Rob’s Free will astrology, is a weekly syndicated column that appears in more than a hundred publications. He is also the author of Pronoia is the antidote to paranoia: how all of creation is conspiring to shower you with blessings. (A free preview of the book is available here.)

Here’s your weekly horoscope …

FREE WILL ASTROLOGY – Week beginning April 16, 2021
Copyright by Rob Brezsny,

ARIES (March 21 to April 19):
“Today I feel that the whole world is a door,” wrote the poet Dennis Silk. In a similar spirit, the 13th century Zen master Wumen huikai He observed: “The whole world is a door of liberation, but people are not willing to enter.” Now I’m here to tell you, Aries, that there will be times in the next few weeks when the whole world will feel like a door to you. And if you open it, they will lead you to potential opportunities for interesting changes that will offer you liberation. This is a rare blessing. Please be relaxed, alert and courageous enough to take advantage.

TAURUS (from April 20 to May 20):
Taurus philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein He was called a genius by Nobel Prize winning author Bertrand Russell. His Philosophical investigations it was once voted the most important philosophy book of the 20th century. However, one of Wittgenstein’s famous quotes was “How difficult it is to see what is right in front of my eyes!” Luckily for all of us, I suspect that won’t be a problem for you in the next few weeks, Taurus. In fact, I suppose you will see a wide variety of things that were previously hidden, even though some of them were right in front of your eyes. Congratulations! All the people whose life touches will benefit from this breakthrough.

GEMINI (from May 21 to June 20):
Why don’t rivers flow directly? Well, sometimes they do, but only for a relatively short period. According to the US Geological Survey, no river moves in a linear path for a distance more than ten times its width. There are numerous reasons why this is so, including the friction caused by the banks and the fact that the river water flows faster in the center. The place where a river changes direction is called a “meander.” I’d like to borrow this phenomenon to serve as a metaphor for your life in the weeks ahead. I suspect its regular flow is due to a change of course: a meander. Any intuitive ideas on which way to go? In which direction will the landscape be better?

CANCER (from June 21 to July 22):
Cancer poet Denis Johnson he eventually became a celebrated writer who won numerous awards, including the prestigious National Book Award. But life was hard when I was twenty. Due to his addiction to drugs and alcohol, he neglected his writing. Later, in one of his mature poems, he expressed his gratitude to the people who supported him previously. “You saw me when I was invisible,” he wrote, “you spoke to me when I was deaf, you thanked me when it was a secret.” Are there helpers like that in your own story? Now would be the perfect time to honor them and return the favors.

LEO (July 23 to August 22):
What exactly do you believe, Leo? The next few weeks will be a good time to take inventory of your beliefs and then shed the ones that no longer serve you, no longer excite you, and no longer fit your changing understanding of how life works. For extra credit, I invite you to dream up some fun new beliefs that lighten your heart and stimulate your joy. For example, you could borrow the poet Charles wrightFocus: “I believe what thunder and lightning have to say.” Or you could try my idea: “I believe in wonders and wonders that inspire me to fulfill my most interesting dreams.”

VIRGO (from August 23 to September 22):
Virgo poet Charles wright he testifies: “I write poems to untie myself, to do penance and disappear into the upper right corner of things, to give thanks.” And you, Virgo? What do you do to untie yourself and do penance and invoke grace? The next few weeks will be an excellent time for you to use all the tricks at your disposal to achieve such useful transformations. And if you currently have a low supply of the necessary tricks, make it your healthy obsession to get more.

LIBRA (from September 23 to October 22):
Kublai khan, ruler of the Mongol Empire and China in the second half of the 13th century, he kept an entourage of 5,000 astrologers in service. Some were stationed on the roof of their palace, tasked with using sorcery to banish the approaching storm clouds. If you asked me to perform a similar task, I would not do it. We need storms! They bring cooling rain and keep the earth in electrical balance. Lightning from storms creates ozone, a vital part of our atmosphere, and converts nitrogen in the air to nitrogen in the soil, making the soil more fertile. Metaphorical storms often spawn a series of needed and welcome transformations as well, as I suspect they will over the next several weeks.

ESCORPION (from October 23 to November 21):
“Unexpressed emotions will never die,” declared a pioneering psychologist Sigmund Freud. “They are buried alive and later they will come out in uglier ways.” I agree, that’s why I advise you not to bury your emotions, especially now, when they urgently need to be ventilated. OKAY? Please don’t allow a scenario where they will emerge later in an unpleasant way. Instead, find the courage to express them early, in the most loving way possible, hopefully, and with respect for people who may not be entirely receptive to them. Communicate with compassionate clarity.

SAGITTARIUS (from November 22 to December 21):
Sagittarius author Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz wrote a poem entitled “Not doing something wrong is not the same as doing something right.” I propose that we make that thought one of your guiding themes for the next two weeks. If you choose to accept the task, you will make a list of three possible actions that fit the description “do something wrong” and three actions that consist of “do something right.” Then you will avoid doing the three wrong things on the first list and will devote your generous energy to doing the three right things on the second list.

CAPRICORN (from December 22 to January 19):
In the last few weeks, I hope you’ve treated yourself like royalty. I hope you have been showering yourself with extra special therapeutic and nourishing treatments. I hope you’ve told yourself out loud how soulful, smart, and resilient you are, and I hope you’ve been delighted to participate in a number of educational inspirations. If for some inexplicable reason you have not been attending to these important matters with luxurious intensity, please make up for lost time in the next few days. Your success for the remainder of 2021 depends on your devotion to personal care right now.

AQUARIUS (from January 20 to February 18):
Sometimes when a discouraging kind of darkness invades, we are right to be afraid. In fact, it is often wise to be afraid, because doing so can motivate us to turn away or transmute the darkness. But at other times, the daunting darkness that seems to invade isn’t real, or is actually less threatening than we imagine. Novelist John steinbeck he described the latter when he wrote: “I know beyond a doubt that the dark things that crowd me either did not exist or were not dangerous to me, and yet I was afraid.” My suspicion is that this is the nature of the darkness that is currently troubling you. Can you, therefore, find a way to banish or at least lessen your fear?

PISCES (from February 19 to March 20):
“Some people, if they don’t make it difficult for themselves, might fall asleep,” wrote novelist Saul Bellow. In other words, some of us act as if it is entertaining, even exciting, to attract difficulties and cause problems for ourselves. If that describes you even a little bit, Pisces, I urge you to drop that bad habit in the next few weeks, maybe even see if you can at least partially eliminate it. Cosmic rhythms will be on your side as long as you take steps to drown out the little voices in your head that are trying to undermine and sabotage you. At least for now, say “NO!” to make it difficult for you. Say yes! “To make it elegant for you.

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