This Knitted Nail Look Is Almost Too Cute to Handle — See the Photos

Manicurist Park Eunkyung, who’s widely known as Unistella thanks to Instagram, never disappoints when it comes to nail art — and her latest winter-inspired creation is no exception. The South Korea-based artist crafted a super-cool look that mimics the appearance of a chunky knit sweater, and nail art fans far and wide are in awe of it. Luckily, Park was willing to give us some details as to how she did the mesmerizing design.

“Knitted nails are always an option, but they’re easily destroyed, especially for people who wash their hands often,” writes Park in an email to Allure. “I’ve always been doing nail arts involving details like these, but this time I decided to create a look with layered gel to express the warmth that knitted wear has.” And that she did, folks. That she did.

Park’s epic creations have earned her quite the fanbase on Instagram (she currently boasts over 500,000 followers), and folks went especially wild for this one. Case in point: The comment section is littered with messages like, “Obsessed!” “Wow😍😍😍,” and “Oh my god so pretty 💗💗.”

To achieve a look like this at home — without having to do all of the detailed work that Park clearly did — you can try knitted nail stickers or press-ons, such as this style from Etsy, or this pair from eBay. Both are pretty inexpensive and will give you a very similar effect.

We don’t know about you guys, but we’ll definitely be giving this nail look a go in the new year. Bravo to Park for creating yet another incredible manicure that we wanted to copy as soon as we saw it.

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